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Old January 22, 2014, 05:19 PM
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My System Specs

Default Super Nintendo PC project

I've been mulling over doing this for a while, so I finally decided to go ahead and track down a broken SNES and turn it into a HTPC/ Emulator Machine (using a broken one as it would be a shame to harvest a working SNES).

I've gotten the case and controllers, and I'm working on sorting out the parts at the moment. The goals of the project are;

- Requirements:
1-2 USB 3.0 ports on rear
Function SNES ports as USB controllers
External PSU
Minimal visual changes
Working SNES power and reboot switch

All the ports will be ran out of the original connection section of the back of the SNES. I'll need to run a USB hub off one slot so I can attach an external SSD, mice, keyboard, etc as the situation demands.

- Future/Optional Modifications
Convert SNES controllers to wireless
Universal SNES port wireless receiver for wireless N64 controller connection
Small GPU for boost.

I'll look at making a couple wireless SNES controllers in the future as I'd like to use the system to play N64, genesis, etc and if I can get a universal receiver to work, it's less cables and swapping to deal with. I got the controller idea from this excellent mod project;
Universal wireless controller for SNES, Saturn, N64, etc....
I'm a little uncertain if I can use an N64 to SNES as the N64 plug's configuration is a little different (SNES has 7 slots; 3 are unused IIRC the others are pulse, clock, data, or something like that. The N64 has 3 slots on the plug, but I can't remember what each is for. It's something I'll look into later).

I'm going to do a lot of trimming and tweaking to try and make sure it looks as close to a proper functioning SNES.

I snapped a couple photos unmolested, it's a pretty clean case and doesn't suffer from the hideous yellowing. It needs a little TLC, but it'll soon look like new. It's really surprising how 'mechanical' the SNES was, there's lots of parts that have levers, slides, switches and springs.

Cracking the system open, here's some pics of the interior and the board (in case you were interested in what a SNES looks like inside. The gray i/o area at the back is fixed to the MB, in what looks like solder that overlaps on top of platic. I'm going to try and get it off in one piece the weekend. Depending on how it turns out and how the new ports fit/line up, I may make a mold of it using Smooth-On silicon I have left over from halloween, cast a new piece and carve out new ports with a dremel and then paint it so you'd never know.

I'll cut the eject assembly down and glue the top in place so it will look correct, but won't serve a purpose. Finally I think I'm going to go grab a cheap SNES game (something awful that deserves to die, like Shaq-Fu) and cut off half the bottom, house an SSD inside of it and glue it into the slot so I have a bit more space inside and it looks like there's a working game in it. Oh and I'll print off a new label. I don't want people to think I play Shaq-Fu willingly....

Finally, I was orginally planning to make a USB controller for the gamepad ports, fortunately the SNES controller port is easily separated from everything else in the case and motherboard, plus has easily accessed solder contact on the back, so I bought a Mayflash SNES adapter.
I'll be harvesting it's internals and then routing to the MB's usb port so I won't have to do much work to get the SNES controllers working !
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Old March 27, 2014, 10:46 AM
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Hi, i don't know where you're at or even if it's already finished but i stumble upon this post while looking at people's idea. basically i want to do the same thing than you. i have a complete list of what i plan to put under the hood.

motherboard is ECS H61H2-TI. it has an external power pack hdmi, 2 usb3 and 2 usb2. the main reason for choosing this board is that everything is low profile on it. the ram can support up to 16gb ddr3 204pin and it is side mounted. also on the board there is 2 mini sata port and one of these only support mini half card. the first port that support full mini card you can put an msata ssd directly onto the board which saves you a lot of space and cabling. the half card slot you can put a wifi N+bluetooth 3.0 combo card which is found around 6-8$ on ebay. since i plan on building an intel machine i will be using the cpu i3 3240 dual core 3.4ghz.

i found on internet for 17$ a mini board that can convert up to 4 nes/snes controller port. in my build i will add an extra 2 snes port to play 4 player games like n64 emulator. the board is like 3x2cm (1x1.3 inch)

board can be found here:
raphnet-tech dot com/products/4nes4snes/

also here is the cooler i found for the cpu, an ultra slim which is approx. 1.5inch tall for heatsink+fan:
frozencpu dot com/products/12569/#blank

this setup have close to no cable and ultra slim fit in the box. you just need to remove the extra plastic at the bottom of the box and the rest is up to you how you for setting up the buttons and the rest.

show pictures of the final product friend!
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Old September 2, 2014, 10:35 AM
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This is a sweet idea if you can get a good pc inside there and actually make the on and reset buttons work. Looks like a ton of work, but would be ultimate if done!!
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