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Luciel August 26, 2013 02:32 PM

Mod in a Week // "APASF: CP London Edition" (Update: Campus Party)
Hi Everyone,

So I have a few projects in the cooking stages which I mostly work on when I get time to do so. That said, I will be going to the Campus Party Europe 2013 in the O2 Arena in London and I havenīt made a mod in a week project since Fallout Cause SP back at the end of 2011. Iīve just come out of an awfull illness based weekend and 7 days from now Iīll be flying to the UK to the campus, to give a couple of speeches, do some work at the modding workshop and generally have a great time and hopefully meet a bunch of you.

So it seems like the perfect time to go about doing one of these Mod in a Week projects, to be specific, a version of my latest main project APASF which got MOTM here on bit-tech last June-July (donīt exactly remember right now) and featured in the CustomPC so it seemed appropiate.

Because I need to keep it relatively simple in order to be able to start today and complete it within a week, I have to throw all major modifications out the window but this does not mean lack of detailing.

For any of you that have followed my previous Mod in a Week projects, this is how it works. I start today and go on through 7 days, posting one or more updates per day on here, suggestions are VERY welcomed but have in mind that anything suggested has to be something doable within the timeframe.

In terms of help, my friends from ASUS Ibérica (Ibérica = Spain & Portugal) are helping out with whatever they have avaliable at the time, as this has been a very last minute thing, which is a Maximus V Gene-Z (which is not ideal for a fulll sized case but itīs still an awesome piece of kit) and the cool guys from Cooler Master are helping out with a PSU (no idea which yet), originally I planned to use a CM 690 II Black & White edition which they where also going to help with, unfortunately due to time limitations, they canīt get one in time so I managed to find a "normal" CM 690. Iīve decided on this case because itīs shape and features adapt very well to the design I have in mind.


Unfortunately products from ASUS and CM did not arrive in time and when the asus motherboard came I had to send it back due to being damaged on arrival (what is going on with delivery services around here!?).

Instead, I used products sponsored to other projects or won in contests while making sure it was ok to do so.

So! Thanks Gigabyte for the Z77X-UP7!


Thanks Kingston for the SSDs and RAM!


Thanks Corsair for the TX650-M PSU!


Thanks Lamptron for the FC10 SE!


Thanks Mayhems for the 2Ltr bottles of pastel white and the dyes!


And Special thanks to ASUS and Cooler Master for trying to get the products to me in time, no matter what!




Right so, wish me luck! The project starts NOW and will finish with final pictures at the Campus Party Europe event in a weeks time. I will be posting updates later on today (Iīm now off to buy paints and supplies).

Luciel August 26, 2013 02:35 PM


So, I give you, Mod in a Week: "APASF: CP London Edition".


With special thanks to:













FINAL PICTURES SET 2 - Campus Party Europe London O2 Arena:

While Iīm waiting for a bunch of people to email me photos, hereīs a selection of what I currently have, youīll even recognise the original APASF on the screen as I was talking about sponsorships and how it affects companies in terms of publicity, value for money, etc. You may also recognise a certain Hans (pOpE) and Anthony Leather (Combatus) who where fantastic to meet in person! All in all I think itīs safe to say we all had a blast at the event!











Luciel August 26, 2013 02:36 PM

Monday: Day 1 of 7

Ok so Iīve spent most of the day going through a selectiong of DIY, and random accesories shops scouting potential parts, details, etc just as I did with the original APASF project. Remember while this has a Steampunk basis, it also has a touch of post-apocalyptic (APASF: A Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Future) so, anything I find I have to be able to make it look really old and thrown about.

Of course I also went to my usual paint supplies store and bought all I needed. All in all, around 5 hours where spent doing all this.

Once I got home, I found the first catastrophic event. Something thatīs happened to all of us at one point or another, the delivery "service" throwing our packages about, which in this case meant a damaged CM 690 II...









Unfortunately I do not have the time to send it back and get a replacement. Fortunately itīs only the removable faceplates and the "chrome" border that seems damaged as far as I can tell. The faceplates I do not care about as all 4 frontal bays will be occupied. The chrome border Iīm thinking about a bit of epoxy, sanding down and they will be painted over aniway. Just glad it wasnīt as bad as it couldīve been!

So, not the best start huh?

Aniway. the rest of the evening I dedicated exclusively to one of the side panels. I will be adding a window of sorts so I had to cut those grills out, not fully though or it wouldnīt leave to much border at the top. So I got my dremel and started to "play" (Safety notice: please do not play with dremels! :S)





All cleaned up. Itīs time for the vinyl. I couldnīt find the one I used on the original APASF project so found a close second, itīs quite darker but I do like that itīs not plain like the other one, itīs actually got a rugged surface which adds to the effect.

So, I cut up the right size and aplied it to the side panel:




Being a darker colour it doesnīt allow me to play as much as Iīd like to with shades on my ageing effects but I got through the first stage of it which are the darker shades:








A couple more coats of the lighter effect inks need to be aplied to it before Iīm happy with it but itīs starting to get that old, rugged wood look.

As a bit of a preview, here are some of the details Iīll be adding, pre-ageing of course (clean brass right now and we canīt have that).





And thatīs it for the first of 7 days in this Mod in a Week project, I hope you keep on reading tomorrow!


hero1 August 26, 2013 03:14 PM

Nice concept and keep the updates coming. Subbed!:thumb:

Luciel August 26, 2013 03:23 PM

Cheers, remember, updates everyday (provably twice a day from tomorrow) for the next 6 days! :)

Luciel August 27, 2013 10:21 AM

Tuesday: Day 2 of 7

Most of todayīs avaliable time I dedicated to pretty much sanding the case down. Normally on a new case that hasnīt got a glossy finish I wouldnīt bother to much about this but since a large portion of the case imitates copper in this design it needs to be as smooth as possible so this was needed. That however is boring so Iīm going to show you the rest of what I did today.

I finished yesterdayīs side panel (for now, still missing the window and a couple of details), as in, added the final lighter coats of the ageing process and attached the brass details to which I had also aplied the ageing.







Once that was fully dry I put it away safely for now (canīt afford any accidents!).

After all that (very) tedious sanding, cleaned it all up and aplied a good coat of primer to both the top section and the chasis.



Oh and, I fixed the damage caused by the shipping of the case! I like to think it came out quite well, time constraints and all considered.




And for the last 2 hours of todayīs avaliable time, I aplied a few coats of the copper. Itīs amazing how many more coats the chasis needs in comparison to the plastic bits, I actually ran out of paint, so, need to get some more tomorrow!




It goes without saying that the copper will be aged as well, canīt have none of that new shinyness here!

And thatīs it for the second of 7 days in this Mod in a Week project, I hope you keep on reading tomorrow, now I need a shower, get something to eat and go to my "other" job :(

Luciel August 28, 2013 11:21 AM

Wednesday: Day 3 of 7

Today was a late start. I got home from work at around 5am last night and between having something to eat, shower, etc I didnīt get to sleep till 6am. Obviously when my alarm was set to wake me up at 10am so I could continue with the project it was a bit of a "no f**ing way* so kept on sleeping for a couple of extra hours.

That said I think Iīm doing good in terms of progress. So today I started with some of the bits and bobs, like the XSPC reservoir / D5 pump combo.


I aplied the vinyl...


...and did my thing :)


So, on the top of the case thereīs a hotswap/dock bay that Iīd though Iīd give the treatment (mostly because I donīt want copper to be everywhere without wooden bits here and there).



I still have to aply the ageing process to the brass detail but, I quite like it!

Oh, I did go and buy extra copper paint, and the chasis took a grand total of 7 coats (7 COATS!!) to get a solid color on...






This is a bit of a drawback though as because of the amount of coats, it is going to take longer to be ready for matt lacquer which then has to dry itself (though that only takes about an hour) which means I canīt play with the barebone chassis till at least late tomorrow or even friday. Thankfully however thereīs not much that needs to do be done to that, so really as long as that part is ready by the time Iīm ready to put all the hardware in, it shouldnīt be an issue.

I also did some work on the frontal CM logo. Not sure if itīs obvious in the photos but I did slightly overlap the letter borders in order to exagerate them so they look "curvier", not sure if that makes sense? Also, as you will see, my "fix" didnīt hold :( I canīt say Iīm surprised, the amount of epoxy left on it after sanding was minimal in order to keep the shape, so Iīm thinking some superglue and of course the preassure of the bay components will keep it in place.






Oh and hereīs something really special...








So yes, so far I think itīs been the most fun day of the 3 so far for me, though my hands are full of inks of several tones which are extremely hard to get rid off!

And well, thatīs it for the third of the seven days of this Mod in a Week, as always I hope youīre enjoying keeping track of it and hope you come back for more tomorrow!

ZZLEE August 28, 2013 04:53 PM

Lookken fine !

Keep up the the good work. :thumb:

lowfat August 28, 2013 06:35 PM

The XSPC reservoir looks fantastic.

hero1 August 28, 2013 07:17 PM

This is turning out nice. Keep it up!

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