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My System Specs


Looking good bro. Daz rules
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Build Log Continues

I proceeded to fill the loop and leak test. Holy crap, this thing was a huge pain to bleed. The rig now weighed a ton, and bleeding it involved a lot of lifting, turning, twisting, etc. It's quite a workout! After a few hours, and some help from the wife, the loop was bled. Unfortunately the issues start here...

For some reason the pump was still sucking air. It was making a horrendous noise. I thought I had bled the air bubbles out, so I posted on H220 owners thread on OCN (Swiftech H220 Owners' Club) regarding the noise. A Swiftech rep is a regular in that thread. Here's a video I took of the noise the pump was making, headphones are probably required since I'm using a crappy phone camera to record. H220 pump noise - YouTube

The Swiftech rep told me that it was sucking air, and that there was probably a big bubble trapped in there still, and that the pump might be running dry. They said that my loop plan was the problem. I couldn't continue with my plan for fear that I'd be damaging the pump, even though I could see that the inlet and outlet tubes on the pump were completely full of water.

^ In my original plan the GPU's out port is connected to the inlet port of the H220 pump. My thoughts were that the yellow fill tube would provide enough water to the H220 to keep the inlet tube full and primed. For the most part it did, the inlet tube was never out of water during priming.

It was pretty disappointing. I had to drain the loop and re-think the plan.

First I wanted to make sure that the H220 pump wasn't damaged. I decided to hook it back up to it's stock 240mm radiator. It was good news, the pump now sounded like how it was when I first tested it when I got it. I talked to the Swiftech rep again and confirmed that it should be ok. WHEW!

Done ... for now

^ The new setup now has the top rad going directly into the inlet of the pump. Problem is that my fill port is still on the graphics card (the yellow tube) - I didn't have any extra fittings so this was my only option. It definitely doesn't look as nice, there are tubes cross all over the place. It was still a huge pain to bleed, but after a few more hours it was done.

I'm defintely not happy with the look of it as is, but it's working and I want to enjoy it for a bit. I'll likely change it back to the original plan once I buy a t-block, that will hopefully allow me to bleed the loop easier.

Impressions of the pump, and some temps

CPU: 60 deg
GPU: 49 deg
Pump speed: 1600 RPM

3570K @ 3.8Ghz, 7950 @ stock. Running Prime95 and Heaven 4.0 for 1 hour.

The pump is almost inaudible at 1600 RPM. At 3000 RPM (max speed), it produces a pretty loud buzz from the motor and there's definitely heavy vibration from the block being hard mounted. Overall I'm pretty impressed with the pump. Definitely use the PWM.

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