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cartdog February 9, 2013 01:43 AM

Pre-Build (looking for opinions/tips)
Hello guys. Its been a while since I upgraded or did a LC system. My last LC system was back when the 7800GTX was all the rage. Ive now decided to do a GPU upgrade and a CPU overclock. Im currently packing it all into the beautiful Lian-Li v1000z windowed case. Im looking to keep the exterior completly stock, but if need be slight modding inside, this however i have 0% experience which makes me kinda :doh: , but we all started small.
So heres my LC pick list, feel free to offer suggestions.
Pump: XSPC D5 Vario
Res: Bitspower Z-multi 150 blue
Rad: XSPC AX240
GPU/S: XSPC Razor GTX680 (new style)
CPU: XSPC Raystorm ( copper )
Tube: PrimoFlex Blue 1/2
PSU: Corsair HX1000w
Accesories: Koolance Blue Coolant
XSPC Rad stand
Fittings: Bitspower Compression G1/4 thread, ID 1/2"
Possibly some barb fittings too?
Video Cards: Asus GTX680 DCII (4GB) or Leadtek GTX680 (4GB)
Im tossing up between the Asus or the Leadtex. The Asus has better cooling, but as that wont be needed am I better off saving $260 and getting 2x Leadtek GTX680 (4GB) instead?
Heres my Loop CFG: Pump > Res > Rad > Cpu > Gpu1 > Gpu2 > Pump
I considered changing the Pump & Res around?

Heres afew pics of my current setup to give an idea of space

Love your feedback guys and tips :)

lowfat February 9, 2013 04:30 PM

2 GPUs + the CPU is a lot of heat 2x120mm radiator.

cartdog February 9, 2013 09:04 PM

thanks for the reply lowfat. Perhaps ill have to have 1x240mm Rad too CPU then from CPU to 1x120mm Rad that than goes to the GPU's?

Hooded February 10, 2013 06:47 AM

I don't see the flow working to well for you. PUMP > RES is backwards. Res should gravity feeds the pump so that the pump never sucks air.

I agree with lowfat that a 240 is gonna fall short of the mark. Basic rule of thumb is 1-120rad/block. I would add another 120 for sure.

Also why do you need the XSPC rad stand? Thats used for mounting the rad outside your case on the desktop.

Have you looked at DazModes D5 Vario pump it will be cheaper than the XSPC one and is the exact same thing (Laing D5 Vario Pump) with a different name brand sticker. Living on the moon might make it a little tricky for Daz to deliver there LOL

nasrott February 10, 2013 07:05 AM

shipping be high too would imagine, second day be a bitch...

Maybe should consider an external setup for your rad on the lian li, or 120 on the rear exhaust for cpu and the 240 front rad for the gpu's.
Maybe go external for your burner and throw a triple in the front if it will fit?

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