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XNine November 3, 2012 11:01 AM

Project 12 (Phantom 820)
Case: NZXT Phantom 820 (modified)
Motherboard: Asrock Extreme 6/GB 2011
CPU: Intel 3820
Ram: Samsung Green low-profile
GPU: Sapphire 7870
Fans: NZXT 200mm, Gelid 120mm Fans for radiators.
Sleeve: MDPCX Black and Vanilla Sands
PSU: NZXT 850watt

Reservoir: EK Multioption 250
CPU: EK Supremacy Nickel/Acetal
GPU: EK 7870 Waterblock
Controller: Aquaero 5 Pro controller w/ Waterblock and custom face plate
Radiators: EK XTX240mm and XT360mm
Tubing: Tygon R3400 1/2" 3/4"
Fittings: Monsoon Cooling
Pump: EK 4.0

Unboxing late at night:

Removing Fan hub for sleeving


Now, it's time to remove the mesh and prepare for plexi windows. I need to remove the 200mm fan mount as well... so...






And it's time to start sleeving and cable management. I find it much easier to Cable manage from the beginning to avoid headaches down the road.

Some really cool gear came in. EK gives you a lot of nice stuff, like nice stop fittings for reservoirs and radiators, cable adapters for their pumps, different sized screws for radiators. The 7870 block also came with an adapter to mount fittings horizontally instead of vertically.... REALLY awesome that they include all that kind of stuff in their products.

Monsoon Rotary fittings. These things are awesome. Very well built and you can customize their look with colored "accent disks." As well, light port rotarty fittings are available if you want LEDs to color your clear tubing instead of using dyes.


The LED fittings come with a couple of different sleeved cables. I already have some though, as I'll be using amber/yellow LEDs in this build.




Now it's time to mount the radiators. 360mm up top


For tiny items... Greenpeace would be really annoyed!

Cutting down the rods...







Mounting the Pump and reservoir:



More to follow soon!

supaflyx3 November 3, 2012 11:25 AM

Damn dude, I don't care what other people say but the 820 is a sexy ass case. Can't wait to see the finished product with the mods complete.

XNine November 3, 2012 12:10 PM

Yeah, there's a lot of nifty stuff about the chassis that I like. Some things I don't, but, that's why we mod, right? I don't think anyone will ever make a perfect mass-production case. Some people have different needs and what not. Overall, I am having a lot of fun with the case and the project as a whole...

Father Fuzzy November 5, 2012 10:11 AM

Theres alot of wow in this rig
Are those gold monsoon fittings?
Great photo's too BTW

XNine November 6, 2012 08:33 AM

Yup. The build will have Black Chrome Monsoon fittings for everything, except for the CPU and GPU, which will both have Gold Monsoon Compressions. I will also be using a few of their 90 degree Rotary fittings.

You know what's really cool? Those photos are from my HTC One X phone. No photoshop (other than the logo). :) The Sense 4.5 camera is a beast!

XNine November 9, 2012 06:49 AM

Small update for today. Unfortunately, my 7870 needs to be sent in for RMA which really skews my hope for having it done in the next week, but, rest assured, I'll have more this weekend.

DWood's custom Aquaero Panel that will be going in:

This is the rough outline he sent me. It only took like 3 PM's to get it from idea to final draft.

And this is the panel already cut and bent, and ready for paint. It has shipped so it should be here Monday or Tuesday!

The panel has 5.25 flaps for mounting it in the bays, the Aquaero will be mounted flush into the plate so there's no logos and no mounting screws to be seen. :)

His work is fantastic, he's super easy to work with, and his prices are insanely low for the results he gives his customers. I don't put my name behind a lot of people, but this is one person I do!

Pabz0r545 November 9, 2012 07:03 AM

Oooooooh baby that looks great! I can't wait to see this badboy painted and mounted. I thought of getting something similar for my build and now I regret not doing it!

Can you explain to me how that will be mounted. It seems to me as though it just goes in the drive bays as anything else but will the top and bottom 5.25" bay's be unusable?

XNine November 9, 2012 07:40 AM


Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 (Post 669688)
Oooooooh baby that looks great! I can't wait to see this badboy painted and mounted. I thought of getting something similar for my build and now I regret not doing it!

Can you explain to me how that will be mounted. It seems to me as though it just goes in the drive bays as anything else but will the top and bottom 5.25" bay's be unusable?

Yeah, the 5.25 bays will be unusable, but that's okay, because that's the way I designed it. I have a Bluray drive, but that will be tucked away and in an enclosure, so I'll just pull it off the shelf and hook it in whenever I need it. Otherwise, there will be nothing in the 5.25 bay except the Aquaero unit to control fans and the pump.

Essentially, there's "flaps" like on a lot of 5.25 devices located on the very top, and the very bottom to mount the panel into the bays. The Aquaero has it's own "flaps" to mount in the 5.25 bays, so, without its faceplate, it will be mounted into this custom faceplate to look flush and clean.

You could design something similar so you could still utilize the drive bays, and I'm sure he'd be able to do it.

Pabz0r545 November 9, 2012 08:20 AM

Awesome! I can't wait to see how this looks with the aquaero it is inspiring for me to get a custom face plate made now. :P

Anything going behind the 12 or will it just see through right into the pc?

XNine November 9, 2012 08:34 AM

I have a Hammond project box that the Aquaero LED will be mounted in with acrylic. The LED will change colors depending on whatever parameters I want to set it to (such as CPU temp, fan speed, etc). You can use pretty much any RGB color hue on the Aquaero LED, so the standard color for normal operating will match the rest of the lighting within the chassis, and on load I'll probably have it turn red, or pulse the color, or both. Not sure yet.... :)

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