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LetterKilled March 13, 2012 05:37 PM

[Build Log] {SWITCH 810} Columbia - Adventures into water cooling (FINAL PIC 4/2/12)
Hello everyone,
Today I am going to show you my build log of the project I am currently working on. It is going to be a water cooled project that I have been planning for quite some time now. And as the pieces come in, I will update the log of what came in and where its going. First off, I would like to thank the people who have sold me some of their gear and a BIG thanks to EliteGeek91 over at the EVGA forums. AND A REALLY BIG THANK YOU TO DAVID FROM KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY for everything he has done and giving me the opportunity to work with him.

Today I will be showing you the case that came in today. I was using the Cooler Master HAF 912 and came to the conclusion that this would NOT suffice. So for this I went with the NZXT Switch 810. This is my first Full Tower!
I was afraid because when the box came, it was completely annihilated. But in fact the case itself was in tip top shape. Right away I noticed this thing was massive!!
and I thought my 912 was big!! I put this all together at my work and I dont even know if its going to fit in my truck!!
I said my goodbyes and started gutting out the case.
This case pretty much swallowed up my hardware and made everything look so tiny.
How ever I did run into one problem. the drive bays for the ssd and hard drives are a little funky.
as you can see there was no room to fit my SATA and power cables to it. After taking too much time on it I decided something had to go....
and that worked perfectly.
cable management looks great, the back panel was a female dog though. but got everything just right.
Everything is working perfect and the airflow in this bad boy is amazing. So until my parts come in which is pretty darn soon, this is all I got for you guys. hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did. Soon the case modding will be up!


LetterKilled March 13, 2012 05:50 PM

A little something came in the mail a day ago


LetterKilled March 13, 2012 06:21 PM

let me know if the last 2 pics I put up arent showing

sswilson March 13, 2012 06:23 PM

They're not showing up.... :)

Depending on size, you can use the VBImage feature up top to store images on the HWC servers.

lowfat March 13, 2012 10:30 PM

Generally the drive would be mounted the other direction. Otherwise it looks good to me.

LetterKilled March 15, 2012 02:54 AM

the last two pics are of tubing that came in. I'll fix it here soon.

as for the ssd, I spent like 45 minutes on that thing trying ever way possible. I might have missed something but its all fixed now. Haha. update pics are coming this after noon.

LetterKilled March 17, 2012 10:30 PM

Alright, a bit of an update. I am just now getting stuff in the mail and started cutting up the case. I started but soon realized that I lost my little dremel tool box that had all my different bits... so i just got one today so the mod will continue.

Some fun things!

getting ready
making a rough cut

this is why I hate cutting plastic...it smells so damn bad! my Dremel was busted so the only speed it works on is #2 so when trying to cut, it melts the plastic..and it sucks! haha

Now, this is right when I figured out I was missing my sanding bits. And at first I was like "meh, no one will notice" jk jk.

Tomorrow I will start cutting some more and finish this little piece and then head to the plastic store to get some more things.

LetterKilled March 18, 2012 03:55 PM

Today I thought I was going to be able to get a lot done but right after I finished a little part...it started raining. and had to put it on hold :(



Next is the top section. I have to cut this outside because of the smell and the crap that flies around. Rain rain go away

LetterKilled March 19, 2012 02:33 PM

Finally it stopped raining long enough for me to get this darn panel done.
and a big thanks to my little helper! Bear

LetterKilled March 22, 2012 04:28 PM

Hello hello! I finally got to a computer to do some updates. I took apart my computer for the 90th time and started some cutting and some mods. I also got a few goodies in the mail.
I figured if I'm going to go water cooled then I might as well do it right. Got some noiseblocker fans. 1800rpm. These are going to keep everything nice and cool.

I notice a lot of pics of other peoples Switch cases that when they were going W/C there is a bay drive that gets in the way and blocks more then half of a fan....so it had to go. this is where I'm talking about:
and the crappy part is, you cant just remove it...so:
with all that said and done; right after I submit this update it's time to work on this part


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