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IM714U February 2, 2012 12:35 PM

WIP Folding Rig and AI research platform
This is my first post to HWC !

So I guess this is in order: Hello, World !

A little about me - I'm a student, on a shoestring budget.
I have no pets, no gf, just a computer and electronics projects.

The only way I buy stuff for my machine is after I sell something.
Clearly it's like one of those silly iPhone games where you reap what you sow.....

So I had the case of my dreams - the SilverStone TJ10. I LOVE it !!!!!
And then I got an incredible offer through one of my intel rep buddies....

I got the EVGA 4-way SLI and an i7 970 to go with it......
BIG Problem.... it doesn't fit in the case.....

Sell my case ? Not a chance so it's time to get the trusty angle grinder and dremel.....

Out came the back plane..... Out came the slide mounts - and pretty much hacked
everything in the way..... to make room for..... the Mountain Mods Mobo backplate.








IM714U February 2, 2012 12:42 PM

STAGE 2: [Watercooling and Case Fans]
The taller bracket meant I had to sacrifice the case fans at the top, but I did miss them so I cut the mounting brackets and violla ! Still no room for my Rad.....


So let's try fitting the Rad atop the case on custom hinge fittings so I can rotate it out of the hot exhaust air if I'm pushing it..... (Insert drilling sound here)





IM714U February 2, 2012 01:06 PM

Stage 2.5 [completing the loop with motherboard block and GPU]
The last picture above shows the EK waterblock attached to the mobo..

However the computer refused to post any time it was in place....
Some creative troubleshooting showed the block was shorting some connections, so try again....

And it works !


This pic shows the GPU: GTX 570 on another EK block.
All the fittings were custom built since nobody around here seemed to have the right ones....

FYI: I'll be removing the steel and brass soldered fittings ASAP to prevent the risk of GALVANIC CORROSION.....( Big green monster )

Temps are also a bit high for my taste now with everything at full blast due to all the heat off the motherboard PWM to run an OC of 4.2 stable. (3.2GHz stock)

With the fittings and an extra Rad on order, it's time to wait and see how this project will look ;-)

Stay Tuned.....


Dead Things February 2, 2012 01:19 PM

EVGA boards are notoriously prone to POST failures when PCB flex is forced around the socket area by a CPU block. This is usually solved by loosening the screws and finding that happy medium between mount pressure and PCB flex. Glad you got it figured out! Looks like a nice rig - fold on!

Way To Fold

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