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Old August 27, 2011, 12:41 PM
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Default Saibot's please suggest a name for me Utility Build (suggest a theme too themed)


Hello all! I have been a longtime member of this forum, and computer enthusiast (i guess) for nearly 4 years now.

My first OWN (meaning i bought it myself without my parents) was in 2008, and since then ive been experimenting with different parts/overclocking to get maximum performance out of my computer. In 2009/2010, i became facinated with case modding and started to do some builds myself (my first being cutting a hole in a generic crap-case to fit a fan and adding lights).

Ive come a long way since then. My previous builds include a pocketbike casemod, and a crappy suitcase case mod (not logged as it looks like crap and was simply so i can lug it around easier).

Ive learned a couple of things from my previous mods.

My pocketbike mod was extremely big and useless and hard to move around... the amount of space it was taking up was ridiculous and the parts were extremely exposed, constantly making me fear a short-out, and my most current case mod (a monitor and desktop in a suit case) was a disaster too as ive shorted out the mother board 3 times (but thank god for MSI warranty LOL).. So ive decided to improve it and make a mod where everything is concealed and the chance of a short circuit is minimized, while allowing easy placement/packing (ie. i will have an entire system, screen included, almost like a laptop, in one box).

In order to achieve this, i will not only conceal the motherboard, but have it in a vertical position to allow anything that falls onto it to not constantly contact the PCB. I will have a monitor oriented in a paralelle plane type position to minimize wasted space and have a keyboard that folds up in the same position.

The idea is almost like a iMac, except there will be a keyboard that folds down as opposed to a laptop where the screen will fold up. The entire package of the components will be behind the monitor as opposed to under the keyboard.

I would also like the unit to be portable so i will design it to have a luggage type handle and wheels.

Due to a previous co-op term at AMD in markham ontario, ive done multiple benchmarks comparing intel/nvidia combinations to amd/ati components and to be perfectly honest, from what ive found at the time was with the same pricepoints of amd/intel, AMD is far superior. (ie, thuban > i7 920, where they are simmilarly priced). Note that i bought my parts LAST year so i do not have the most updated prices or parts (im aware the 2nd gen i7s are now more powerful than thubans).

The parts i will use for the system are as follows:

AMD phenom x6 1090T
AMD Radeon HD5870
MSI 890-GX-MA motherboard (ive had this warrantied 3 times now lol)
8GB ddr3-1600 RAM
1.5-2tb hdds

I currently have three monitors set up for eyefininity, so ill be encapsulating one of those monitors in my case (22-inch benQ)

So let the work begin:


Today ive bought multiple wood boards/mesh/bondo to begin moulding the outside of the case. This is a scratch build so ill be making everything from raw materials. Ive also cut the wood boards to be the correct size and am currently waiting for the bondo to set/glue.

Pictures to follow.

p.s does anyone have an idea for the theme of this build? or even a name??? i was thinking starcraft 2 themed (im pretty damn addicited to that right now)...?
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Secondary System:
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Old August 27, 2011, 03:55 PM
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I like simple names so - SecretAgentCase

May I suggest make the frame, a simple band, and have front panel hinged so folds down with keyboard mounted and back panel could be attached from inside. Very clean looking and simple construction.

Good luck with the build, I like the idea, cheers
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