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Johannespaul April 10, 2011 02:43 AM

Corsair 800D Side Fan Mod
I guess it's no mystery that the 800D's stock air cooling capabilities sucks big time. I bought this to be the last ATX case I would ever have to buy. It certainly has all the features to qualify except good airflow. I spent countless hours trying every fan configuration in the book to try and redeem this case only to fail. I gave up back in November and decided that the only way this case was going to perform was to add a side fan. This is a very easy and simple mod for a novice and/or people who don't want to start hacking apart their 800D.

1.) First I built a duplicate side window with a fan cut out and kept the original in case I decided to water cool in the future. I love how Corsair used nuts and washers to hold the window so swapping out the window was easy.


2.) I didn't reach for any old big fan. I decided the Silverstone AP181 was the only fan up to the job. This fan has a very nice filter, directly hoses your GPU, NB and SB, and has wonderful acoustics. Even though its rated at 34dBA at full blast, it is a very low hum instead of an annoying shrill like say a CM Excaliber fan. My rear fan and H50 are set to exhaust. I also removed the fan cover on the hot swap bay because it was doing more harm than good. The 2 open top fan slots are covered with Silverstone 12 cm dust filters and I added Silverstone Aeroslots.


Sorry about the crappy wiring job in this photo. I recently rewired it to look more presentable but I got lazy and didn't take a new photo.


3.) Here are the results. The idle temps were taken 15mins after boot and the gaming temps were the highest observed temps in a 1hr session of BFBC2. The fan was set on the low setting. I do not have before and after data since this mod was carried out before I replaced my 285 GTX with a GTX 580.


I think the results are pretty good since the GTX 580 temperature is on par with other "made for air cooling" cases. With this mod I can say this is the best case I have ever owned and I have no complaints about it besides the fact that it weights as much as a small car. It even smokes my old TT Armor (the original one with the 23cm side fan) case in cooling capability. The system also remains virtually dust free thanks to all the filters. Hopes this helps people looking to add a side fan to their 800D.

lowfat April 10, 2011 08:24 AM

Pretty clean installation. The filter on that fan is insanely ristrictive and loud. I would highly suggest removing it unless you have a really dusty home.

Johannespaul April 10, 2011 07:05 PM

Thank you. I wish I could run this thing without the filter but I have a dust problem at my house that I cannot get rid of so easy to clean dust filters were high priority when it came to choosing a case. I have to on average clean out the intake filters once a week.

rugox April 12, 2011 12:47 AM

Hey, I'm interested in doing this for my 65D. What tools did you use? Or require?

Johannespaul April 12, 2011 04:28 PM

What I did was cut a piece of lexan to the size of the window. Then I set the original window on the piece of lexan and used a transfer punch to mark the mounting holes. I drilled the holes using a drill press and counterbore. I then cut the fan using a circle cutter blade on the drill press and drilled the fan mounting holes.

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