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Rasparthe December 28, 2010 02:36 PM

Storm Sniper Watercooling
I've had a Cooler Master Storm Sniper for close to 8 months or so and I've always loved the case. Recently I upgraded my AMD rig into an i7-860 that I managed to get for a great deal. The Storm Sniper has some great air flow and my Noctua did a great job on a previous QX6850 I was also using. I got a used Biostar Tpower i55 board also (this might be the cheapest i7 build ever done) and I'm pretty happy with it (hit an easy 4.1 with just bumping FSB and everything AUTO - CPU-Z Validator 3.1 ). The first problem was that I couldn't get my Cooler Master R4s onto the Noctua becauase of the tall heatsinks surrounding the socket. I can get the original stock fan on but not able to get anything done in push/pull which means the temperatures are way too high for comfort when overclocking starts to get into the 4Ghz range.


The obvious solution is watercooling, or so it seemed. Managed to find someone getting rid of a bunch of old watercooling gear and a EK waterblock later and I'm almost ready to set it all up. Here is the watercooling gear I scraped together.

MCP655 12V pump
120.3 Rad
EK Supreme HF waterblock
Swiftech Micro Res

So it brings me to my goals for this build.

1. Get the above WC gear into a Storm Sniper
2. Make the whole thing not look like the ghetto rigged, used pile of parts that it is.
3. Do something to make the Tpower board not look so bloody ugly <- probably not possible

Here is the i7 in its current home my old CM 690


Thats all until I get the Storm Sniper apart and cleaned up, 8 months of running without opening it makes for a lot of dust.

Rasparthe December 28, 2010 03:12 PM

The Storm Sniper is apart, all the fans taken off and panels removed. I removed the hard drive bay since the extra room will be needed. Looking at it all apart it seems that mounting the triple rad is going to require some modification to the case. Unless someone has an idea for internally mounting it?


In the roof seems the best bet since its already rigged for a dual rad. The air flow for the last bay of the rad is impeded by the roof of the case. I don't really want to remove the steel handles since they are a great feature of the case but they might not survive cutting into the case to open up the space for the rad.


Rasparthe December 30, 2010 09:55 PM

Well decided that the handles had to go, at least until I get the third bay opened up. Cut the top of the case using a little Dremel-love and will mount the rad tomorrow to see how it looks.



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