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My System Specs

Default D's Dual loop 800d


I wasn't really planning to do a build log, but to be honest, it was other peoples build logs that really helped me decide what I wanted, so I thought it would only be fair if I shared my experience as well. This will be more of a build summary and a quick review of each major component with the purpose of helping others decide on their new builds/upgrades. I always tend to write more than I mean to, so I apologize if this becomes a novella.

I decided it was time for a new PC as my old one wasn't cutting it anymore. I use my PC mainly for everyday web browsing and word processing, but also for gaming and some minor 3d CAD/CAM stuff. Also, It is used as a kind of storage server to wirelessly share video and music with all the other PCs in the house.

Previous PC specs = 680i - Q6600 (OC@3.2) - 4gb ddr2 hyperX ram - 8800GTX OC - Watercooled CPU/NB - in a TT armor.

Basically I wanted a PC that was powerful enough to run any games or software I threw at it and that is very quiet. Noisy PCs bug me since my desk is actually in a corner of my rather large bedroom.

The Build: Beta version 1.0

So I'm not quite done with this thing yet, but I'm out of parts for now and I was antsy to get this thing running! I still want to get a few more bitspower fittings, sleeve my power supply, clean up my cable routing, paint a fan, install some UV lights, buy a new UPS, and build some supports for the pump/res, and build a support for the case divider as it sags with the lower hdd bays removed.

Parts list:
ASUS Rampage III Extreme w/ EK waterblock
Intel I7 930 w/ EK HF supreme
HIS 5870 ref. w/ EK waterblock
Zalman ZM850-HP
XSPC radiators
OCZ Vertex 2 120GB
OCZ Vertex 96GB (DOA, being RMA'd)
1/2" ID 3/4" OD tubing with bitspower compression fittings
Combination of Noctua and Nexus fans
Running a G110 keyboard and have a sidewinder X8 on the way.

Like I said, I wanted a quiet PC so liquid cooled using 655 pumps seemed the best option. No redundancy for the pumps, but I will certainly be leaving high temp shutdowns enabled. You can see that the pumps are sitting on hockey tape for now, I will build a set of mounts soon. Also the divider is held up with a cd case. lol

The GPU Rad to Res line runs up the back of the case and through a cable management hole to the res.

Wasn't really sure how to make the sharp bend to the cpu rad, I tried using all fittings as well, I think the tubing works better though.

Cutting in the GPU rad. I didn't really measure anything, I just made sure it was centered and used the radguard as a straightedge to draw the lines

I cut it out using just a dremel and about 5 fibreglass reinforced cutting wheels.

Bottom of the case with an MNPC rad guard

Right now the CPU is running:
Vcore: 1.225
pll 1.8
qpi 1.2
dram 1.6
bclk 183
multi 22x

= 4.03GHz
I'm idling at 36 and Maxing at 63 after 1.5hrs prime95. I feel like it should be cooler as ambients are 21-23. I think I might try a reseat and I might go with MX-2 or mx-3, instead of the arctic 5.

I've tried 191 x 21 also and it is stable as well.

GPU idles at 28, but I haven't torture tested it as of yet. When I had this stuff setup for testing on my desk (GPU was on air) I was able to get the 5870 to 935mhz gpu and 1325mhz memory at 1.175v and it was perfectly stable.

More building, OCing and pics to come.

Below are my assessments of each major component after about a week of use:

Asus rampage III extreme: This board looks cool and has some cool features. Things that I like include: onboard start/restart button, PCIE switches, dual bios and the general board layout. Of course, all mobos now usually come with some sort of dumb "auto overclock" software that usually doesn't work very well and I simply assumed that the ROG connect was another one of those. I was wrong! The ROG connect is now one of my favourite features of this board. It allows you to change overclock settings directly in the bios from another PC connected via a USB cable. This is very useful for fine tuning your OC to get the lowest stable voltage for a given ghz or vice versa...
The BIOS is a bit different from any board I've ever used. Instead of having all of the cpu settings under the CPU "page" it has an overclocking page that has all of the relevant cpu voltages etc. This is not really a pro or con, but just something to get used to IMO. The board overclocks very easily. took about 30 seconds to get a stable 4.0.

There are few things I don't like about this board but, besides the price, there are two big ones. There is only ONE usb header... come on Asus! My Case requires 2 for the front panel alone, and If I want to run more... I really don't want to install an ugly PC usb card. Also, you cannot set the mode of each SATA channel individually. Basically the settings for the SATAII ports are "Raid - AHCI - IDE". Even my old 680i mobo lets me set each sataII ports individually. Fortunately, this setting does not apply to the sataIII ports. So I can run my data drives in RAID on the sataII ports, then run my OS on a single drive on a sataIII port. But still, this is supposed to be a high end board. individual settings shouldn't be too much to ask. Of course you can always run a software RAID... but yuck. Also, the stock heatsink paste looks like crap. I recommend replacing it even if you are going to run the stock cooler.

Corsair Obsidian 800d: I really wanted to get a 700d, but could not find one anywhere that would not ship ups. Great case! I really like the massive size and the steel construction w/ an alum. front panel. Not plastic. They really paid attention to the details on this one. Everything is black, in and out right down to the mobo standoffs. The cable management is legendary with all of the routing holes and the hotswap bays are mounted with rubber isolators. The one thing that really stands out to me is the quality of the tooless side panel latches. Sounds like a weird thing to take notice of, but I really expected it to be just a cheap clip behind the button. In actual fact it is a seriously nice setup. Hard to explain, but I'll post a pic of it. The things I don't like about it are pretty minor: Only 7 pci(e) slots so running 4x sli/xfire is not possible with double decker cards, the side window shows off the PSU and everything under the "divider" (I have a 700d panel to mod), the 5.25 tooless things are cheap and flimsy. I would have liked a bit more room (thickness) on the backside of the case for routing cables, and some wheels might have been nice. The paint tneds to scratch really easily too. Not sure what's up with that. I also find that hot swap drive bays are useless... Extra wiring between the HD and Mobo... great idea...
I really hope that corsair comes out with a 1000D (or w/e) that has provisions for an upper and lower 3x120 rad, 10 pci(e) slots, and more hard drive mounts(not hotswap).

EK HF supreme and EK mobo block: I now have 2 EK supreme HFs, one in each PC. They work very well and come with a good backplate and mounting hardware. The mobo block seems to keep the mobo very cool and is relatively easy to install. It does cover one ATX screw, so I just didn't install that standoff. The finish machining wasn't quite what I'd hoped for as machining marks were clearly visible. I would have liked to see at least the NB and SB contacts polished. The block is setup to retain the stock ROG light logo.

Vertex 2: The numbers do the talking.

WD20EADS: First thing I did with these drives was use WTLER and WDIDLE3 to enable TLER @ 7 seconds and disable head parking. Then I set them up in a RAID1. So far so good. I wouldn't want to run these as OS drives, but they are very quiet and perfect for storage.

As a point of reference, here is a crystadiskmark of a SG 7200.11 on the same system.

I'll add my evaluation of the HIS 5870 and G skill ram once I've had a bit more time to rock the clocks.
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Old July 27, 2010, 12:08 PM
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My System Specs


Looks good so far,keep it up!
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My System Specs


Looks RAD
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