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Old November 8, 2007, 10:07 PM
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My System Specs


The LCD mounts are very nice. Love the stain job.

Hydro-Quebec is salivating...
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Old November 8, 2007, 10:08 PM
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heck yes @ the bleach wallpaper
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Old November 19, 2007, 11:18 AM
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My System Specs


OK... Been having some debates lately. Since things are going EXTREMELY slow, it gives me a lot of time to think things through... Which is a very good thing since I can make things a whole lot nicer in the end.

Right now this is what I have planned.
I was considering TEC for the system, however there was a few upsets in the TEC theory that made me conclude that it be better for me to stay with standard WC. in that regard, I have decided to use 2 rads in the system. (the same rad from my previous project) I am going to place the rad behind the intercooler and have fans blowing from the inside out... I have to space them just right and control the speeds just right in order to reduce the sound... The new WC path will be RES-PUMP-CPU-RAD1-GPU-RAD2-RES. Oh. this will result in my WC section of the case to be slightly bigger due to the extra space.

IF you have any suggestions on how to make this idea better or have a fan idea in mind. FEEL FREE TO SAY SO. I don't care if it's stupid, an idea should never go unheard.

I was pretty heart broken when my diamond plate idea turned out to be more trouble then I wanted it to be. I still want to use the diamond plate in some way. I have a few ideas on cutting some cool shapes out of the diamond plate and mounting them on the front or sides of the case but nothing official.

IF you have any suggestions on how to make this idea better or have a design idea in mind. FEEL FREE TO SAY SO. I don't care if it's stupid, an idea should never go unheard.

I recently had to pick up my case and move it to a different bench. AND WHAT A SURPRISE... SHE WEIGHS A TON. go figure eh, what you get for making it out of MDF. she will weigh even more with everything in her.
Seeing how she is heavier then I had originally expected, I have to compensate in some way for that. Of course she will require wheels of some sort. However I built her to not only look cool but be rugged enough to be transport it to LAN parties and such fun events. Seeing how it would now take two big burly guys to carry her, I need a way to move her around. Especially up and down stairs and in the car. So simple is always better. (simpler would be to toss the case and buy a steel one. but thats out of the question)
it's DOLLEY time. crappy tire has a $24 dolly(here she is) for sale, some Crappy tires have it on special for $14. She cheap in EVERY way, but she will do the job right. I'll look into customizing it to gently hold the case, monitor, and other such items I wish to bring.

Sorry for no pictures this time. I'm a busy man with little time and money.

If you can't beat it...

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