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Old September 19, 2009, 12:30 PM
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Oh my, University and money woes has taking a big toll at me as of late. Not being a math guy, Calculus sucks and eating up 30-40% of my time with tuition and food increases making me scrap for money for so ever!

Anyways I did my best to make some time between full time student, money, girlfriend, etc to have time to finish up this project. Here is an update.

What I decided to do to start off was that I decided to rough up my radiator external with 320 grit sand paper. What I decided to do what to keep the overlay of epoxy as a water resistance surface for the easy to rust metal Thermochill has used on this HE-120.3 and then spray painting over the hammer finish of the Rustoleum spray paint I bought previously.

I also got some 3/8 threading to 1/2 tubing BitsPower barbs for the radiator.

Close up

With barbs - Sexy

What also happened was that I had found a 3rd MuffinXL fan for a low price. Of course I solder all the fans with 3 pin tails with heatsink over the solder joint. Tested each one with a fan controller and all fans passed my testing, these things are strong as hell but not as loud as my old DELTA SHE Tri-blades.

While re-adjusting the threaded inserts for the bars to the side of the MDF, the original Navig installed treads were stripped within the MDF itself causing 0 hold when screwing in a screw, I had to pull all of them out and find an alternative.

The problem was that the ones used were the push in type, much less threading and weaker hold than traditional.
What I did was that I bought what MCmastercarr threaded knife inserts. (middle)

as you can see, the new Knife insert in the middle is much more heavy duty.
here is an image comparing the two. I also used wood glue for extra hold

Previously Navig used plastic caps for the ends of the bars shown here

I didn't take quite fond with nylon caps because over time when the bench is moved, the feet cracks and consistently pressured and re-pressured while moving with added weight. I decided to myself to change the style and material.

For the top of the bars, I didn't like the over head covering the bar because it made it feel cheap. What I used instead was just end plugs while covering the top with maximum exposure of the nice hammer finish I have.

Next for the feet, Nylon is a bad idea because it cracks if there is too much weight. Since I plan to mount waterccoling, it's going to be hell.

What I did was that I bought steel footing for square tubes with threaded inserts. The problem I had was that metal feet for 3/4 tubing is impossible to find. I had to use 1 inch and mount the interior part as exterior hold with pressure.

It didn't turn out bad at all

Right now I'm still debating whether or not I should screw in some rubber mounts into the threads or keep it as is.

That's it for now, more to come later
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