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Old August 7, 2009, 07:42 AM
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/subscribed. Looks awesome!
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EVGA 680i SLI Motherboard $80 + Qualitas 73GB 10k SCSI $30
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Old August 7, 2009, 08:15 AM
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My System Specs


Nice job! Enjoyed reading your log and hope to see more.
You've inspired me to paint my PA 120.3.
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Old August 7, 2009, 08:56 AM
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Magic.. noo.. DON'T DO IT... Expensive radiator, paint not good = emotions = epic fail lol..

Just like the man said ^^... Enjoying the log so far.. Great work :)
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Old August 7, 2009, 08:59 AM
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My System Specs


Look awsome! Really hope to see result soon! The rad would also be good looking in white you don't think? Notice that I am not a gay designer from home heist.

Ask for more
[COLOR=black][SIZE=4][B]Ask for more
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Old August 8, 2009, 09:13 PM
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Well look what came into my door step today!

of course I jumped to work right away, Navig was even nice enough to write me instructions on how to install it.

it was really easy, just screw in the screw and nut with the threaded insert and simply screw it out. but for an extra bite I added wood glue for good safety measure

Next is just placing everything on it, so far so good

Also Navig had included black thumbscrews, wasn't feeling for black screws so I got my stainless steel thick thumb screws.

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Old August 8, 2009, 10:04 PM
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My System Specs


lookin good man, i was just thinking of building a tech station, just a little bigger. keep up the great work.
Gotta Love Timmies Coffee.
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Old August 17, 2009, 08:00 AM
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Wow, this looks very very nice!
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Old September 2, 2009, 01:05 AM
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Default Big ass update 1 of 2


I got my order back from Cyberdruidpc along with newly purchased items for this project.

Tee I'm getting too giddy here, it's ready to be assembled! Too bad I got new complications but I'll explain that later.

First thing first.

While the parts of the tech station was sent to Cyberdruid of OCN for some powder coating and other services. I ordered a few items from various stores and bought some items from classifieds in many different forums.

Here's a quick made up collage of the stuff I bought in the first batch of items.

First batch

Starting from the top left:
Lamptron - Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch, White ring and white dot
product got them at P-Pcs. Looks nice, construction is strong, love the gold plated connectors in the back, heavy, feels like quality.

Bitspower - Bitspower Premium G1/4" High Flow 1/2" Fitting
Amazing enough they don't have the product listed on their official site, got them from classifies from XS. Love the finish on it, almost like stainless steel look with exception of a mirror finish from the nickle, good deal I got these for considering them being brand new, strong construction.

Rustoleum - Hammer black
RustOleum.com got it at ACE. Only plan to use as touch up or small items.

Parts Express - 1:3 heat shrink
Got them at Parts express. Cheapest price I can find 1:3 ratio heat shrink.

Mcmastercarr - Thumb knurl knob hex Stainless steel
Got them at Mcmastercarr. Knurl knobs Navig used are round and brass, I'm replacing them with hard to find expensive ass hex Stainless steel ones. I paid too much for them!

Mcmastercarr - 6/32 screw thingy with some neoprene ring
Wrong item #...sigh....

Promaster - Packaging foam
packing foam from my tripod gear, I got ideas for this foam... hehe

Some brand - Stainless steel pop rivets
From mcmastercarr. Tested the product out showed in the image above on some random Lian Li HD cage, very nice

Cream of the crop: ViperJohn - ViperJohn's Viperfang VII
From Viperjohn himself, the last block he will ever make of this series. Freshly assembled, fully tested, Full copper base, Derlin top, DD fittings (might replace them)

2nd batch of items

All of these are ordered from Coolerguys. Somewhat hard to find parts but it matters that I got them.

Lamptron - Flex light pro in white
It comes with 3m adhesive pre-applied, nice sheen, easy to bend, lummes is nice, not too bright.

Logisys - White CCFL
White CCFL, like pretty much most other CCFL lights in market. Going to spray paint the transformer to black on it soon.

Nexus - Air Beam
Somewhat hard to find. Going to use them on radiator fans to help with pressure. A piece of cut plastic, would have been cool if it was made of metal but that would make it even more expensive. May spray paint it.

A bit tired right now, got class tomorrow, posting Cyberdruid's shipment tomorrow
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Old September 3, 2009, 12:30 AM
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Now first and furthermost I would Love to extend my congrats to CyberDruid of OCN for this great work he has done for me at a completely reasonable price!

To anyone who need someone to power coat point or custom order parts, Cyberdruid is the Man to go to for this sort of thing.

You can see all his works, service prices, 3rd party prices through this link CyberDruidPC - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net I suggest that you contact him if you need anything!!! I highly insist Cyberdruid for your modding needs.

Now you might be wondering why I'm so giddy over him? Well lets have the picture do the talking.

First off came the box in it's appropriate size.

Then comes the well thought out packaging shipped out with Insurance to ensure nothing gets harmed in harms way. (Of course if it doesn't, Insurance covers you)

The contents in the box of the products I sent to him, came back in far superb quality paint job of a special new formula of Hammer Black semi gloss finish


Some more detailed images, some in light to show the texture and quality sheen

Too sexy

Now there was more than just painting. I had Cyber to help me grind down the old fashion fan mounts for the Thermochill HE 120.3 to make them thinner on the sides, the problem was that the old Thermochill models had 27mm fan spacing that resulted incompatibility with some things in the market. Since most mounts required fan spacing of 15mm apart, the simple task of grind down mounts force the radiator to become compatible with that standard. Also the Navig tech station had mounts 20mm apart, since the grind mounts are adjustable anywhere on the radiator thanks to the slide design. I'm able to fit this radiator in nearly all cases in the market by simply siding the positioning of the mounts which makes the spacing smaller. Not all sides had to be grind.

Also you might be wondering where I will be using the nexus beam airs, this picture basically shows it's compatible. Thankfully it is, I forgot to measure before I bought them!

Now this weekend I will re-rivet everything back together with the brand new stainless steel rivets, I hope all goes well!
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Old September 6, 2009, 03:47 AM
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Time for a minor update

Back in the past when Navig made the switch panel, this is what he made.

Simple cheap feeling button switches (every time I hit the button it felt like something is going to break inside), some tailed LEDs one for power and other for HDD, a self made mount for it all, and all attached with plastic rivets.

TO Hell with that! It has to change!

First off you all know I ordered powder coat for all the metal pieces and especially the same plate Navig made himself (Thanks again CyberDruid)

I also bought some Lamptron switches from P-PC previously mentioned in my past posts.
Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch - 22mm White Dot Products Model: VSW-DOT-WT [VSW-DOT-WT] : Performance-PCs.com, ... sleeve it and they will come
Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch - 22mm White Ring Products Model: VSW-RING-WT [VSW-RING-WT] : Performance-PCs.com, ... sleeve it and they will come

Now it's going to be put all together. I soon learned that the plastic rivets were not the same size as the stainless steel ones I bought. To remedy this, I decided to use my left over Stainless button cap screws I have and then use a nut behind it to help keep it in place. The problem was I didn't have the nuts but I did have those brass knurl knobs that I wont be using anymore and next thing you know, it was a perfect substitute. There was a problem, it was brass, not stainless so I thought about it and remember a Nutkicking idea I read long time ago on some forums.

PLASTIC Dip! I had the spray in the garage!
I did not hesitate to use it and I say it came out nice!

Next was easy, slide the darn screw and knob it behind. I'm amazed that only an 1hr past since I sprayed it and the rubber is stuck on good.

Repeat 4 times

Done!, SEXY Image

Now I have to eventually figure out something for those gaps but that's for later.

Next up I took the liberty to do half the riveting work and let me tell you, it's some scary stuff when you only have one shot at it every time to punch it in because if I do it wrong, then I have to drill it which will destroy the paint job since it is mounted with intense pressure.

Riveted parts close up

Now in this image is the riveted PSU bracket but also a cut piece of foam shoved into a Lian Li HDD cage holder, I'll elaborate more details later.

Here is a image of half the work done, of course some parts are attached by screws and other riveted.

A side note, I got some nice industrial fans in the mail and let me tell you it took me a long time looking for these in 12v spec. These fans are Comair Rotrons Muffin XL.

Digi-Key - CR344-ND (Manufacturer - 028885)

If your wondering, NO I did not pay 41.69 for each one. I got them on Ebay, some guy was selling it $9 a piece not knowing what it was.

Holding and testing the fan made me know why it's so expensive. Metal Frame, assemble in Mexico, some bendable but break resistant plastic fins, some sort of riveted shaft that I can't remove, good pressure, and teeth on the fins, definitely not for home use.
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