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Arinoth June 29, 2009 01:41 PM

Custom Strobe Lights
The sound detector module finally arrived today, so i could officially start tinkering around on both the software side to control the different LEDs in different patterns as well as seeing what thresholds i got from the sound detector with different music playing.

The first picture is of the ZX-Sound sound detector module. I apologize that its half out of focus, but it seems its the best picture i could take of it with the digital camera that i am using.

The three wires that are coming off the detector are VCC (power 3 or 5V but i find using 5V gives me a larger spectrum), the signal, and GND.

The next photo is of the board/chip (Arduino Diecimila) that i am using to analize the signal (which is from 0 to 5V analog) and based on the voltage, turn on or off certain LEDs tied to its digital outputs.


I could when all is said and done make it a stand alone with just the chip itself and a power supply (and regulator) however i don't know if i'll do that or not yet. Great thing about this board is its versitiliy, along with the fact in can be programmed in a basic/modified version of C.

Following that is the inital test circuit i was using to get a feel of what different thresholds i could use to get different LEDs to strobe/remain on

I then cleaned it up to version make it easier to work with whenever i add more LEDs as well as made it a lot easier to film the result with them being spread out and not looking one giant ball of blue.


Wish i had more workspace, unfortuantely there isn't that much that isn't carpet since i am living at home. If i was still in school i would be using a lot large/cleaner workspace that was my desk.

Here is the youtube of what i have going on so far
YouTube - Custom Strobe Lights - Version 1.0

Would love to hear your feedback, if you think the thresholds should be smaller so they are only peaks, or if something like this looks great and to just complete the spectrum.

Beermaster June 29, 2009 02:39 PM

okay that is cool

Arinoth June 29, 2009 03:58 PM

Thanks, though again, i don't know if should keep them like that (aka just add a few more on the higher/lower spectrum ranges i dont have yet) or alter it so they are more sensitive (ergo on less and only at certain volume ranges)

Arinoth June 30, 2009 12:14 PM

Worked on this a little bit today. First of all i added some more LEDs and expanded on the volume spectrum. Good news is that it will show more of the volume spectrum, bad news is some of them in the quiet range actually can pick up my voice talking regular when music is off. So i need to either not power my little device when i'm not using it with music or remove that quieter spectrum.

Here is the newer set up

I was also able to somewhat take a better picture of the sound detector device, placed near my centre speaker with my HT system. Don't mind the red permanent marker (my desk is a mess since as i've mentioned before i have very little work space)


Finally, i have included a new youtube video that reflects these new software and hardware changes that i have made.
YouTube - Custom Strobe Lights - Version 1.5
Reminder: I am still looking to hear suggestions/feedback, since i dont know if i should make them more sensitive and on less or if this is kick ass enough

Beermaster June 30, 2009 02:56 PM

Man if they are picking up your voice, then to sensitive imo

Arinoth June 30, 2009 03:00 PM


Originally Posted by Beermaster (Post 216168)
Man if they are picking up your voice, then to sensitive imo

Yeah i do fear that i may need to remove the lower volume/higher sensitive ones or try to build some kind of shield/housing for the sound detector to focus the microphone in a single direction rather then being open

Arinoth July 18, 2009 02:54 PM

Ok, i am going to try to work on this thing either tomorrow (sunday) or monday because those are my days off work and with my bronchitis hopefully finally gone i can finally spend a day off to work on this, finalize it and make it look pretty

Arinoth July 30, 2009 08:15 PM

So i'm having some joy trying to figure out either how to a: isolate the microphone so it only picks up the sounds from the speakers and not from anywhere else (aka voice, misc loud noises), and b: how many leds per "set" i should have. Should i leave it at just one per, or do it in a tri, etc. As always, comments welcome

Brian August 1, 2009 08:03 AM

That looks awesome! Light shows to music are always a lot of fun.

Arinoth August 1, 2009 08:06 AM

Thanks, too bad i'm having some sensitivity issues that either need a miraculous hardware fix (aka some how creating a small noise absorbing box) or do some fun tweaking software side (which i haven't a clue at this moment what to do)

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