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Default Vancouver Lanners....

Repost from LANPartyEH.com

Again let me first start off by saying thank you to the mods and site creators for this excellent resource, much of my research has been based off of HardwareCanucks.com.

I'm working on my practicum for a client with a large space that would be perfect for hosting a LAN party. I pitched it as a potential revenue stream and now I am conducting a feasibility study. My goal is to create a space for the local LAN community to convene, meet and socially game. I realize it's pretty difficult for the community to find a space that meets the criteria for LANs and hope you'll help me gather some information.

1) I'd like to get an idea about the number of you concentrated in the Vancouver area.

2) I've slated the initial price point at $35-$40. I'd like to see that as a lower number, however the first event is slated at 300ish seats and I need to cover equipment costs. What are your thoughts on this price range?

3) The site we're working with has the ability to staff a concession to provide the essentials of Bawls, Mountain Dew, Pizza, ect. Would this be a feature that interests you?

4) Is there anything you the community would specifically like to see? Genre of music played, table set-up, space per user, ect....

5) What games would you be interested in playing?

6) Technical Requirements.... what has worked for you guys? What hasn't? Do you have any recommendations for the network/ power/ equipment requirements?

7) Do any of you currently host a LAN party of your own? Would you be interested in helping/hosting a LAN party in Vancouver? What would you charge for your expertise?

The typical structure for events have always been a costly proposal for hosts, I believe this is a unique opportunity and if we can provide the numbers for the study this may have the ability to get some traction.

Thank you all in advance!
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Old May 1, 2012, 08:26 PM
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It depends on the games being run, but I've found the FPS crowd doesn't really get along / blend well with the SC2 / LoL guys. Segregating the room somehow would probably be a good idea, and having a couple large TV's near concession areas to display some of the more prominent matches going on, or even a random game being played has worked well in the lan event's I've been to. Many won't want greasy food around their PC's / laptops for obvious reasons.
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My System Specs


If the $40 includes food and entry in to tournaments (if there is any) then thats a decent price. I would like to see monitors provided, I have no problem bringing my PC to a lan but I'd much prefer not to haul around a large monitor.
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Thank you both for the input.

Fortunately the area does have several TVs that would be capable of such a request. Tournaments are definitely one of the avenues I have been considering. Is there any tournament software/hardware you would recommend? Past experiences? good/bad?

I actually didn't consider splitting the area up into multiple gaming area - this is an excellent recommendation, thanks!

Unfortunately the client is profit oriented and providing monitors for 300+ lanners would completely decimate any margin and toss the company deep into the red.
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