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Default Lan Report: C-Toan Lan, Jan. 25/26, Maple Ridge, BC

Maple Ridge, a suburb of Vancouver, is not exactly the place one thinks of for having a Lan party, but January 25th saw the first in hopefully a series of Lans, C-Toan Lan. (C-Toan Lan Party | Home)

I was invited to go to the Lan by a friend who works for a local computer company, NCIX, who also happened to be sponsoring the event. I jumped at the opportunity as it has been a couple years since I was last at a Lan, one which I ran.

Set up before the Lan.

Finding the venue, Thomas Haney Secondary School, was not hard as my friend was from the area, but the site had a location. And after a quick detour to find some snacks, we arrived at the event and were directed to the proper doors by some helpful students.

F4te's watercooled rig.

The event itself was held in the Rotunda area of the school, which provided ample room for the event, as well as easy access to amenities. Additionally, there was a movie room with movies and another room with two 360s hooked up to monitors. These were mainly used for Halo 3, Guitar Hero 3 and Rockband. Additionally, a tech class at the school had quite a few computers available for rent to game on.

On arrival, I was checked in and then helped my friends set up. The tables were arranged nicely in rows, the chairs weren’t too uncomfortable, and power and Ethernet were already run.

Gamers hard at work, er, play.

As it often does at Lans, that gaming didn’t really start until the late evening. Around me, people were playing Supreme Commander, but elsewhere in the room, some people were playing other games such as StarCraft or WarCraft III.

Gamers hard at UT2004.

After that, it was UT2004 time. We played an Assault map and then an Onslaught map. Luckily for me, I’ve played Torlan a lot, and I had a surprise waiting in the form of the redeemer when the other team thought they’d clinched to game. Big explosions sure do turn things around quickly.

Another fun part of a Lan is meeting people you only knew online.

Unfortunately, around this time a couple power issues cropped up, but the staff (with a little assistance from me) quickly got them under control and got everyone back to gaming. And then our table started having network issues, but luckily I had brought my own switch with me for them to use, and we quickly hooked it up and things got back to normal just in time for some Counter Strike: Source.

There were even a few girl gamers in attendance. Go girls!

The CS:S tournament was five versus five format, and a friend and I got roped in to play for the cannon-fodder team. During the practice before, we made our team-mates very apprehensive due to us “accidentally” killing the hostages. When it actually came down to the game, we fared little better, losing 16 to 1 in Office. We managed to pull it together for one win.

The staff area with servers and networking gear.

At around this point, supper arrived, which was pizza. And to wash it all down, two drinks were provided with more, including the Lan staple of Bawls, for sale. Snacks were also sold throughout the night. There was also a Tim Horton’s run done early in the morning for those who felt like breakfast.

More gamers gaming.

Other tournaments happened, including StarCraft, WarCraft III and Halo 3 happened. I participated in a Halo:CE tournament on the PC, and managed to lose it for our team (or so they implied, I did get our only flag capture).


Before I knew it, the sun was up and it was nearly ready time to go. Prizes, courtesy of NCIX, were awarded, and then everyone started cleaning up.

All in all, it was a fun event, and the small hiccups it had were minor and understandable for a first time event. I look forward to going to another event in the near future. Thanks Derek and Chris for the great time.

The core staff group.

Also, credit for some of these images goes to Phil Crawford.
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Looks really nice! :)
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Yeah.....though I always wonder how people lug their cases to these things without busting something.
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Is there anything like this in Montreal?
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Forget about Montreal, how about Winterpeg?
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I'm sad that I missed this, would have been fun! Boo work.
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