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Epithanatios February 9, 2009 10:50 PM


It's already been a year since the last BCCHardware sponsored LAN party. Last year we gave out over $3,000 worth of prizes to a total of 40 people that were in attendance. BCCHardware is proud to announce our third annual LANParty and this time we are switching back to our roots with VulcLAN!! - This will be a fun LAN party that aims to claim a precious couple days of your life as you spend it fragging with a host of other people.

This LAN party costs $20 online, or $25 at the door to attend. If you pre-register, you will be entered into a grand prize draw. Everyone who attends will be entered into the other draws that are available, but pre-registration is highly encouraged. You can pre-register here. BCCHardware - VulcLAN 2009
We will be ordering Subway for super on Saturday (from a limited menu) and this meal is included with the cost of registration. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverage will be available at the Concession.
We have official games of Call of Duty 4, UT2004, and Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat, other games will be played - if enough interest, Tournaments for these games as well.

BCCHardware - VulcLAN 2009

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