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probationer November 12, 2008 09:54 AM

CapLan - November 15th - North Vancouver

Just noticed nobody had posted this.

Caplan | News


Originally Posted by http://caplan-bc.com/index.php
CapLAN 15 is set for November 15th 2008

Its a been a long time and the CapLAN crew have been up to a lot in the mean time. We have been involved in 4 big lans since last we met at Cap in May. And now its time to host one of our own lans again.
What more do we need to say, you know the drill Show up at 4 PM on Saturday and prepare for some BYOC awesome! A lot has changed in the crew so expect and Epic LAN unlike any CapLAN to date will at the relaxing casually gaming environment you have come to love.
New to caplan? well Its about time, and we assure you this will be the most fun you have had at a casual lan since you first hauled your rig out to you friends Garage.
Saturday 15th 4 PM - to - Sunday 16th 10 AM
$20 for admission and one free bawls energy drink

Capilano College,
Maple Building, Student Lounge
North Vancouver, BC.

Cptn Vortex and myself are definitely going to be there. It will be my first Canadian lan so I'm looking forward to it :canadianwave:

muse108dc November 24, 2008 03:44 AM

Goddamit, I wish I checked back here more often, I live 5 minutes away from there, will have to try to hit up the next one, any idea when it is?

serenity December 3, 2008 07:20 PM

heh, probably not for a while.
There is however LowerMainLAN happening some time in May in the same area.
This is a joint event between C-Toan LAN, DSL, and CapLAN.
Check on http://www.lanpartyeh.com for all the local listings for LAN parties.

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