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Infiniti July 28, 2008 02:55 AM

FS: E6750, 680i, GameXstream, 8800GTX, Ipod, TRUE, Vista
Hey all, heres my FS thread.

Anyways, lets get started.


Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (Without the stock heatsink) - $150


EVGA 680i SLI (Fan replaced with Scythe 40mm fan becuase stock was too loud) - SOLD

Power Supply(s):

OCZ GameXstream 700W - SOLD

Video Card(s):



Ipod Nano Black 8GB (Comes with two cases, Reflect, and a leather case) - $200

Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme (Lapped, not too shiny, but flat) - $45

Windows Vista Home Premium (Never used, Upgrade, 32bit ONLY) - $50

All items above have been used for less than a year.

Notes to buyers:
All sales are FINAL.
-Local sale perfered, but willing to ship at buyer's expense.
-All items come with everything in picture, unless stated otherwise.
-PM me about Combo Deals

Item(s) that will possibly come:
Antec Quattro 850W
EVGA 8800GTX w/ AC Acclero Xtreme

Sale ends this Saturday for two weeks. Will continue on Aug. 16.

Supergrover July 28, 2008 10:56 AM


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3) No auction style posts.

4) Honour your prices.

5) No THREAD CRAPPING, it will not be tolerated. If you do not intend to buy the item or have nothing positive to add, please refrain from posting in that

6) You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession.

7) You must provide a picture with a handwritten piece of paper next to the item with your member name or the post will be pulled.

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14) Please check PriceCanada.com for current pricing of your item before putting it for sale to make sure you are asking a realistic amount.
Please change your post to reflect these rules.
Good luck with your sale.

Supergrover July 28, 2008 02:22 PM


Originally Posted by Infiniti (Post 73512)
Okay, prices changed. Umm, I was just wondering if I could say COMING SOON instead of taking the whole thing off?

You cant list it if it is not in your immediate possession.

Infiniti July 28, 2008 06:37 PM

I think I'm safe to bump now. :thumb:

Infiniti July 29, 2008 01:57 PM

Bump, new items added.

PSU pending sale to SiDiX007.

Infiniti July 29, 2008 11:13 PM

Bump. :thumb:

Infiniti July 30, 2008 04:36 PM

Bump. :thumb:

Infiniti July 31, 2008 04:25 AM

Bump. :thumb:

Infiniti July 31, 2008 09:33 PM

Bump. :thumb:

Items sold: PSU, Mobo

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