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donimo May 28, 2008 01:47 PM

FS/FT 2x Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 pro's and more
Hi, I have decided to build my PC I had for sale into an HTPC instead. The case I am using is about 3 pubes too short to allow me to use the AC7 pro cooler.

I would like to trade it for something that would fit, like a Scythe ninja mini, or a Shuriken, or anyhting else you have that would work.

I am using a stock C2D intel fan on a 520 prescott, and it hits 56-58*C whenever you tax it with HD vid, so... not working.

Also I am lookng for a video card to offload processing too, like an HD3450, to get the CPU load down from 70% with 1080p content, yipee

things I could trade are:

2x AC Freezer 7 pro's, Both are in as-new condition, upgraded to a TRUE on one PC, and I already told you about the other one.

ASUS TUV4X mobo with a Tualatin PIII-S 1266, was once a great processor, prolly make a good server board, ran Ubuntu with zero issues.

Delta Mini power supply, 20-pin 150W, great for a mini-pc for a car etc (5x4x2.5inches)

CD burner + cd drive

SB Audigy2 sound card, as new

Logitech Cordless optical trackman, used for a month, decided I don't like trackballs, was $100 new, still the current model sold.

ATEN video extender, run a second slave monitor up to 150m away, needed it for a specific situation that no longer exists, used maybe 6 months, was $300 last year.

I only have the one pic here at work will take more at home later:


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