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Ravenor April 5, 2013 08:08 PM

Ravenor's Closet Cleanout! Intel i7-2700K, Gigabye/Intel combo
He's back ladies and gents.

Cash in Person or Paypal only.
Shipping is paid by the buyer. All prices are negotiable to a certain degree

Intel i7-2700K Sandy Bridge processor - $old on RFD

Used, still works just fine. Comes with original box and a socket 1155 unused stock cooler.
The Bios screenshot shows that it runs and the date.

Zotac Nvidia GTX670 2G DDR5 - $old on RFD

Comes with the original box and most accessories. It does come with the 2 6-pin power adapters.
Gigabyte G41M-ES2H with Intel 7600 3.06Ghz and 2 Gig DDR2 800 - $65.00

This board, Cpu and Ram are used. CPU has never been overclocked. Comes in Intel Cooler.
Motherboard with Original box, Manual, Driver CD, including the the back plate. No cables.

Ematic EGP010SL Pro 10" - $25.00

Capacitive touch screen, 16 GB on board. Android 4.1 install is borked. Bought this as a possible testing ground for something else buy I don't know how to get past the password protection and other problems. If you know how to fix stuff like this, more power to you.
Tablet powers on and holds a charge. Original USB charger and cable included.
This is a great cheap tablet for the kids/cottage.

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