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mckchun December 10, 2012 11:13 PM

i5 750 combo, with mobo and ram, ssd

Hello all,

I'm selling this i5 750 combo, shipping included.

(1) i5 750 2.67ghz (can be overclocked to 4ghz)
(2) EVGA p55 FTW mobo (box included, not sure about accessories)
(3) 12gb of G skill ram, 2x4gb and 2x2gb, the ripjaw version at 1600mhz CL9

(4) Corsair H50 (amd bracket included too)
Combo for $360 obo

(5) Corsair force 64gb x2 raid0, were used for OS drive (bought in summer), selling for $30 each
- only selling with the combo or after combo is sold.

Handling time:
I have a very busy schedule, so it may take me 2-3 days to ship things out, sorry for any inconvenience.


I prefer to ship them because i don't really have time to meetup, ship via Canadapost expedited (faster than regular because of business account).

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