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ebdoradz April 12, 2008 10:03 AM

Lots of fan for sale
OK boys and girls,

i have alot of fan for sale

shipping is NOT include in price
shipping will be done via post canada, and from J9X 4B1
price in Canadian $$
i can accept paypal or EMT

my heat is under ebdoradz

plz contact me for a shipping quote.

1st fan for sale, is a tornado 80mm, used for a couple months only, come in original box, with a 80mm fan grill, and 4 screws to mount the fan grill on it



next is 2 brand new, never use, 92mm thermaltake fan

7$ each


next is a 92 mm Thermaltake SilentCAT, come with 80 to 92 mm fan adaptor



next is a HEC 80mm fan, brand new never use, came from my 28.96$ case



next is a Ultra 80mm fan, has the molex plug, so no fan rpm :(, slighty used



next is 2 80mm "powerUP" fan, molex plug only, they are exactly like the Ultra fan above, slyghty used

3$ each

hmmm forgot pics for those, they will be here in a few min

next is a 2 80mm fan that came with my antec server case, replace those with some blue LED to add light in that ugly case. molex only, and those have run for more then 8 months

2$ each


next is 2 40mm Suon mag lev fan, molex only, used 2 or 3 times only, perfect to make a memory cooler

5$ each


next is a bunch of fan grill

4x 120mm fan grill - 1$ each
4x 80mm fan grill - 0.75$ each
3 x 80mm fan grill, dragon style - 3$ each


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