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Soullessone21 June 13, 2012 02:29 PM

Soullessone21 Added X79 and new GPU's

In Calgary Pick up is welcome Shipping not included, if your a good buyer I do as always throw in the free gear.

Venture one shipping unless I get lazy then puro express tracked

Always have more gear just ask so Enjoy

All gpus are obo:)

Tons of gpus for sale

6950's unlocked to 6970s $175 price drop $100 each obo
5970's $200 price drop $120 each obo
5830 $100 price drop $70 each
5770 $75 price drop $50 shipped
290x = $350
280X CUII = $200
X79 MSI BB = $275

If you need multiple cards, motherboards from am2-1156 don't hesitate to ask I have a ton of them








SOLD Section
Another new item $95 shippedPRICE DROP $55 Shipped(SOLD!!!!)th3dud3
i5 750 quad core with 8mb cache:D
Motherboard is a Asus P5Q-E comes with 8GB Corsair 800mhz ram and a E8400 3.00Ghz Core2Duo
Great board for a folder
Asus o!play HD 2, USB 3.0 with HDD bracket, remote, box, charger ($110 Shipped)[B]price drop $85 SHIPPEDSold to LP for some cash and a beer :P
Quadro FX 580 512 DDR3 come with nothing but the card :P works great though ($45 ShippedOBO)(Gave to the Hades)
LNIB with I think all ACCESSORIES!! $75 OBO Z77A-G41 Used for 2 weeks for testing did a mini article about it on the forum(SOLD!!!! Funguseater)
Dlink DIR 615 BNIB $15 (Sold Caldezar)
Mobo MSI A85XA-G65 IObracket and manual only... Na lets say pay asking I throw in 8gb DDR3 4x2GB 1066 Ram FM2 motherboard at the very best ($80 Shipped)(Poison Ivy)
Massive OCZ 1TB SSD BNIB just back from RMA $2000 OBO These things go for way WAY!! to much sold!!Fishfancier
Asus 6970 2gb DDR5 DCII With RASA Block and BGA coolers, this cooler works amazingly well and has been running this way for almost a year now. Never had a issue with this card and have had it since the very first water cooled tower I made. Trade for WHY but always willing to sell $125 OBO I do not have the stock cooler it was lost 2 moves back:thumb: (Sold to howpet for $75 and some traded gear(told everyone to make a offer:P))(also threw in for him some extra fittings clamps and two surprise items that I have had missing for almost a year now:D)
1-M2N-MX SE Mobo ($20) (SOLD Jake_HT)1-ADO4800IAA5DD AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ $30 NOW $25(Gave to Jake_HT with a custom cooler and ram for a good cause )
ADA5600IAA6CZ AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ $40 MSI Windpad 110W-014US, Upgraded 60GB SSD OCZ, 4GB DDR3, 6250(Says 6310 in win 7 but 6250 in win 8, GPS, Touchscreen, Mini HDMI with Cable, Stylus, Z-01 1Ghz Dual core AMD APU, Still in warranty for another 3 months, Comes with Win7 Key on the back and loaded or Windows 8 pro 64 with no key, Laptop bag and sleeve included, plus stand and blue tooth Android/Windows Keyboard.$425 OBO Shipped(will include original box and disks to)(Now $400 -> Now $375 wait check that $350)
(Traded To KillSwitch)
Got a brand spanking new Wilson Signalbooster DT 801247F Full kit unused. I got this as a gift but it showed up a day after another kit that I already installed and these things JUST WORK!!! if you only get 1 bar reception in your house you must have this kit $200 plus shipping obo NA lets make it $ 150 shipped :)(NOW 125)(SOLD TO MKYLM)
First Item my Toshiba Satellite C650-00M UPGRADE TO HELL LAPTOP: 15.6" i5-2520M 2.50Ghz, HD 3000, 8GB DDR3 1600,120GB SSD OCZ Vertex Plus Sata 3,Windows 7 Key under the laptop or can load windows 8 all up to buyer will come fully reloaded(Extremely fast for normal tasks) . $400 Shipped OBO(Ports include 2 USB, VGA, Ethernet, no HDMI :( And French Keyboard )(Now $375)(Sold to patpond $300 Shipped)
Item #1:Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe Mitx Mobo Like new used for a few hours was for a major build but no time with the move Comes with Box, Board, Manual, Wireless dongles, some sata cables. ($155 Was $185 Shipped Sold with Chocolates to Mena)
Item #1:LNIB ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II 980MHZ 2GB 6GHZ GDDR5 2xDVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Video Card Includes Back Plate Used for about a month and a bit then it stored itself in my review rig ($385 SOLD TO overhauled101)
Item #3:Auss GTX550 TI 1GB DDR5 BNIB got it for a giveaway but the sponsor told me they want me to sell it and do more giveaways after the move so I will sell it :) ($100SOLD STOANEE)
Item #4:AMD FM1 A6 3670 Unlocked Quad Core $75 New in box seal intact.(SHIPPED :))(Sold great_big_abyss)
7870 DC2 2GD5 V2 LNIB with all accessories was used to test against the 660 Ti PE and it did very well ($205 Was $225 Shipped(SOLD TO ntropic)
Item #4 LNIB Z77A-GD55 Amazing mobo comes with everything shown and was only used for less then 2 days to write a article($125.00 SOLD TheDude ).

Item #1: Intel i5 3570K Used for 2 hours till a friend gave me a 3770K the 3570K comes with box hsf and cpu of course ($200 Shipped)(sold to Zoob)
Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 16GB wifi white, comes with hardcandy case that works as a stand and charger and usb cable, fully restored, few scratches on screen no cracks or breaks ($185 shipped anywhere in Canada)(SOLD kyle_L)
2x WD WD740 10k 74.3GB HDD 3.5" MDL:WD740GD-00FLA2 ($60 takes both)(3.0Charlie for the win)
AMD FX81508 Core lived its last 3 months at 4.2ghz ($125 CPU only sold toTaichan)
ASUS AM3+ M5A99X-EVO Motherboard+I/O Shield + 16GB Kingston DDR3 1600 ($125 sold toTaichan)
2x OCZ Vertex plus 2.5" 60gb SATA II SSD's in 3.5" to dual 2.5" enclosure ($100 Free shipping in Canada)($90 Price drop Traded to severity )
ACER ONE KAV10 atom N270 2GB DDR2 80GB hdd Windows 7 home loaded and activated Black and white 10" ($100 Shipped OBO) (PRICE DROP $75 SOLDclone63)
LNIB Asus 7770 2GB DDR5 CUII Edition All accessories and box ($100)($90 price drop sold to happycamper)
HD2400PRO PCIE 256MB DDR2 ($25)(SOLD nork)
X1950 PRO PCIE 256 ($30)(SOLD nork)
Zotac 6200 256 64bit ddr2 AGP ($35)(SOLD nork)
2x 3x2GB Ram kits Corsair TR3x6G1600 12GB total $40(LC0g)
Asus F1A75-M-Pro + AMD A6-3650 APU (With free 7 home premium 64 key) ($125 Shipped Sold to Phill)
WD BLACK 500GB WD5002AALX Warranty till 27-jul 2016 (sold to Thaid $40)
Asus M5A99X-Evo LNIB still has over 32 months on warranty left. Comes with all Accessories(SOLD Terrybear)
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB DDR3 PCI Express (PCIe) Dual DVI Video Card w/TV-Out & HDCP Support ($35)(sold to Trancewhiiz)
XFX GF GTS250 738M 512MB DDR3 Dual DVI TV PCI-e all Accessories and box ($45)(sold to Trancewhiiz)
Intel DG31PR DDR2 With Pentium Dual Core 2.50Ghz/2M/800/06 E5200 ($50)(Sold to PockyMaster)
(Another Giant box of Gear for Tray)
Intel C2D E6320 1.86Ghz/4M/1066/06 ($40)
P4 640 3.20Ghz/2M/800/04A 775 ($20)
P4 630 3.00Ghz/2M/800/04A 775 ($15)
+ about 10 more CPU's 2 noctua cpu coolers and a bunch of goodies ($200 shipped)
Asus M4A785TD-M EVO DDR3 Just back from RMA $50(SOLD AnaBioz)
ECS MCP61PM-HM AM2 Motherboard ($25)(Sold TC11)
Asus GTS450 DC OC/DI/1GB DDR5 just card and only the card(Brand new Silver on it) $60(SOLD MARSTG)
AMD Bundle, Crosshair V + 16GB Corsair Vengeance Ram 1866 + FX 4100 Quad Core + Stock Cooler+Asus 6970 CUII with original box and all accessories $450 (Free Shipping in Canada)(SOLD Poroporo)
X1650 512mb ddr2 ATI graphics card PCIe ($20 Sold to norfolk)
EVGA GT680 2GB DDR5 Super sexy with all the accessories (Sold to Lpfan4ever)
BNIB P5G41T-M LX Plus DDR3 only taken out of box for the pix $45(SOLD Pabz0r545)
Intel Bundle, 2x Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L only 1 I/O Shield. E8400 3Ghz Core2Duo, 4GB DDR2 800 Ram $110(SOLD Tray)
(All bellow items sold to Tray)
2x 4130 C32 Opteron Quad cores $50 takes them both no coolers just CPU's(For $25 more I will throw in two Noctua 9's with them)
Celeron 420 1.60GHZ/512/800/06 SL9XP 775 ($10)
Intel Celeron E4500 SLA95 2.20GHz/2M/800/06 SLA95 775 ($35)
Intel C2D E8400 3.00GHZ/6M/133/06 SLB9J 775 ($50)
Intel Pentium D 3.0Ghz/4M/800/05A 925 SL9KA 775 ($35)
Intel Celeron D 2.80Ghz/256/533/04A 336 SL98W 775 ($15)
Intel C2D 4300 SL8TB 1.80Ghz/2M/800/06 775 ($35)
Intel Celeron D 360 SL9KK 3.46Ghz/512/533/06 775 ($15)
Intel SLGJM AW80577T4300 2.10/1M/800 Socket P ($25)
Intel P4 3.00Ghz/1M/800 SL7KB 478 ($15)
Intel P4 2.40Ghz/512/533/1.525V SL6DV 478 ($15)
Intel P4 2A Ghz/512/400/1.5V SL5ZT 478 ($10)
Intel P4 2 Ghz/512/400 SL6S7 478 ($10)
Intel P4 3.20Ghz/1M/800 SL7PN 478 ($15)
AMD Athlon 64 ADA3200AEP4AX 754 ($10)
AMD Athlon 64 x2 ADA4400DAA6CD 939 Dual Core ($25)
AMD Athlon 64 ADA3200DAA4BW 939 ($15)
AMD Opteron OSA246CEP5AL 940 ($25)
AMD Athlon 64 ADA4000IAA4DH AM2 Single Core ($25)
AMD Athlon 64 ADA3500IAA4CN AM2 Single Core ($15)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 ADO5000IAA5DD AM2 Dual Core ($35)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 ADO5200IAA5DO AM2 Dual Core ($40)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 ADO4200IAA5CU AM2 Dual Core ($30)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 ADO4000IAA5DD aM2 Dual Core ($27)
ECS 946GZT-AM V.1.0 Socket LGA775 DDR2 Motheboard ($35)
HP Mobo 945GCT-HM REV 1.0B DDR2 775 $30
Asus A7V400-MX With Athlon AXDA2600DKV4D ($30)
Biostar M7VIG 400 + Sempron SDA3000DUT4D ($30)
(Trays mass buy ends here:P)


Soultribunal June 14, 2012 09:45 AM

I know all the iTrader Feedback got wiped out but I can vouch that Soullessone is indeed a very honest and upfront trader. You should have no hesitation shopping with him.


Lpfan4ever June 15, 2012 11:14 AM

coughcough wrong number in my name

Thanks for the 680 again, always nice and easy dealing with you :thumb:

kyle_L September 6, 2012 06:31 PM

Another wonderful purchase. Great communication and shipped right away. Will continue to purchase from soul.

overhauled101 September 28, 2012 02:58 PM

Thanks man! Pleasure doing business!

stoanee September 28, 2012 08:08 PM

Another A+ feed back rating for the Soul, ram delivered to my door in 3 days....:thumb:

And a bump!!

ntropic September 29, 2012 11:50 AM

Soullessone packaged my 7870 quite well. Cardboard box (recycled!), air bags, and triple taped seams. Professional work. Card was like new, as described, as was the box (an added bonus for me). Card performs beyond expectations. Couldn't be happier with the sale, even though he requires EMT payments. I had my doubts at first, but he's got all this feedback, so do not feel too afraid to send him payment via EMT.

great_big_abyss October 1, 2012 10:04 AM

As if Soulessone needs any more recommendations, but successful transaction here. Received my APU promptly, zero delays and zero problems.

Thanks, Dude!

Soultribunal October 1, 2012 11:27 AM

He is one of the best traders we have on here from what I've heard and seen.


Soullessone21 October 1, 2012 11:40 AM

Wow thanks everyone means a lot to me :)

Guess I should post more for sale now :P

Many boxes to go through before the move on and I got a major Donation coming up going to take some pix of all the systems thanks everyone for all the gear :)

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