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Taichan April 7, 2008 01:38 AM

WTB Good DDR2 Ram
Hi, new to the sight, not new to the computer forms

my Itrader rating at EOCF

EXTREME Overclocking Forums - iTrader - Taichan where i've been a member for years,

my heatware

[ HEATWARE.com ]

I also have 50+ buys and sales on Ebay if you want that.

Now that i have that done

I'm looking at buying some good DDR2 for an up coming build plus my HTPC (thought i had some turns out all i have is one stick of 1gb Team OPB as the second needs to be rmaed and team is being dorks about it.) So i'm looking for atleast one good set of 2*1gb DDR2 for a q6600 on an Intel chipset

then i can spread ram around

Also i have 2*512mb of DDR2 667 ECC (bought by accident) if anyone wants to trade or wants to buy

I'd prefer to avoid buying form the US as last time UPS hit me with $40 in duty fees

Shipping to Sudbury Ontario


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