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SlickEnuf4U May 18, 2012 12:43 AM

6990, 560Ti 448, 570 MDT, CNPS20LQ, 560Ti Hawk, Vengeance K90, Big Bang Xpower, 990X
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Hey Everyone, I'm pretty new here, but it's garage sale time! I've got a few things for sale since my Ivy upgrade. Let me know if I haven't done anything right.

Radeon HD 6990 OEM - This comes with only what you see and does NOT include any additional warranty, however I will guarantee it to be non-DOA for 7 days. It is very lightly used. $400

Zotac GTX 560 Ti 448 - BNIB still sealed. This one is $220

GTX 570 MDT - LNIB and hardly used. This one is capable of surround output, although if you wand to run triple displays at 1080p you have to dial the refresh rate down to 50Hz. Bought this after watching a video about it and then 680 came out so I grabbed one of those instead. $250

Zalman CNPS20LQ - LNIB. Asetek OEM, thick rad, I think we've all seen this before - $55

MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk - This one has been used more than the other stuff, but still in excellent condition and hardly any dust on it! $185

Corsair Vengenace K90 - LNIB. I don't like the Cherry Reds, but you might... Ended up with a Steelseries 7G. $90

MSI Big Bang Xpower - Used. Love this board, but I have moved on. Comes with everything you see here. Can't seem to find the SLI or Crossfire bridges, but I think this is everything else. $220

Intel 990X - Retail non-ES chip (I also happen to have a 980X lying around, but that's an early sample ES that I ended up replacing with this 990X because the 980 didn't overclock very well). Can't find the box or cooler, so it'll be just the CPU. $500

ALL payments to be made by EMT (or whatever they call it these days). Once I receive the EMT I will ship out your item. If you have tons (and I mean TONS) of feedback I am willing to ship out first for smaller items, but this will only apply to the first few transactions until I get some feedback built up on this forum.

My shipping rates are as follows: $6 for anything motherboard sized or smaller, $11 for anything between motherboard and case (like PSU), and $20 for cases. Add $5 for air shipping. Larger items may cost more, but these are rough guidelines unless otherwise specified.

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