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b1lk1 May 10, 2012 07:16 PM

eGPU setup w/GTX660 EVGA FTW 2GB+ 300W Silverstone Etasis silent PSU
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Ugh, I really don't want to do this, but I need dough. I am also putting this one Ebay so if you want it speak fast. I will end my auction only after EMT is cleared.

This works awesome. I got great framerates in every game I played at 1920X1080. It also runs very quietly thanks to the silent PSU and the double fan heatsink on the video card. Most current laptops with an expresscard port will be able to use this. I will also include the special software making it a breeze to setup and run. You even get an extra USB 2.0 port on the housing itself.

I am also including a smaller power supply that came with it that will allow you to run a video card that does not require PCI-E power if you should so choose to change the video card.

This is a serious piece and you will not be disappointed. If you want to keep that laptop with a high end CPU and low end GPU yet still game this will work perfect for you. It runs flawlessly. I had no issues at all with this.

$300 shipped is my price. I paid $200+shipping/taxes/import fees for the enclosure, $140+shipping/taxes for the video card and the PSU is worth atleast $25.

EMT is strongly preferred. I'll accept Paypal only from well established traders. PM is key.

Here is my thread about this device and my trials and tribulations. I did all the research and hard work and you will be able to just plug and play:


b1lk1 May 11, 2012 07:16 PM

bak up ta te topz

b1lk1 October 18, 2012 07:22 PM

Thread recycle, new item for sale!

b1lk1 October 19, 2012 07:28 AM

Price drop bump.

Your_friendly_gamer October 20, 2012 02:27 PM

Buy his card, its a great card and the seller is top notch trader. free bump!

b1lk1 October 20, 2012 07:03 PM

Recycle time!

b1lk1 November 11, 2012 04:15 PM


anabioz November 11, 2012 07:01 PM

ygpm ^

b1lk1 November 12, 2012 12:56 PM

Combo pending.

Rapid-X November 12, 2012 04:30 PM

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 + AM3+ FX8120 8 core + Patriot 8GB PC3-18600 ram. Stock HSF is included as is CPU retail package. I/O sheild included for mobo. Nothing else included.
how much u want??

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