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Jaydu January 8, 2012 07:59 PM

looking to get a test bench set up.
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What I have to trade.

1. Modded Xbox360 20g. Added a thermaltake aftermarket blue led fan(30% more effective so they claim)This did have a e74 but has been fixed and has worked for the last 3 months. I also added a 3 pin fan header to add another 70mm fan on the top, this fan is an intake fan and keeps the 360 much cooler. I would say its worth about 70 dollars comes with 5 games Fight night round 4, 007 Quantum of solace, Don King Prizefighter, Midnight club LA. there is a cover for the xbox just waiting for a 70mm grill.
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2. Psycho 5.1 head phones these are great I loved using them but I do not have any time to game. Asking 125.00
Attachment 15608

3. P3 server duel 1.4 and duel 20g IDE drives works. 40.00
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Looking for a test bench set up either am3/i5 1155.

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