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Jim Johnstone November 8, 2011 04:10 PM

Workstation/Server components
I'm finally upgrading my old CAD workstation to something more modern. I'd like to trade the parts I will no longer be using, in exchange for parts for my new workstation. I think this would make a good server kit, as the Thermaltake case can hold something like 8 HDD's, and the board has 4 SATA ports already and lots of expansion slots. I will take pics later this evening and post them here.

What I have for trade:
Thermaltake Armour Case
Tyan Thunder K8WE dual socket 940 motherboard
2 AMD Opteron 290 CPU's, (dual core 2.8 Ghz)
2 AMD Opteron 252 CPU's, (single core 2.6 Ghz that were my originals before I upgraded)
2 stock AMD CPU coolers
2x1 Gb DDR400 RAM sticks
Generic PSU, I will check the wattage and update this

What I NEED to complete my new system:
Intel i7 Socket 1366 CPU

What I WANT to complete my new system:
3x2 Gb DDR3 RAM kit preferably 12800 or faster to go with the 6gig kit I already have
SSD to use as the C: in the new system.

I would prefer to let it all go as one big kit assembled as it, that way I just have to remove my HDD's and vid cards and hand the whole case over.

Soultribunal November 8, 2011 08:06 PM

Since you are new here, I have to explain that you need pictures of the items you wish to trade or sell with a handwritten piece of paper that has your username on it in said pictures.

24 hours until I pull this thread.


Jim Johnstone November 8, 2011 08:50 PM

3 Attachment(s)
No problem. I was at work when I posted it, just needed to come home and take the pics. Not too much to see, since the majority of the parts in my list are still installed in the case. I hope the pics are ok.

Attachment 15018

Attachment 15019

Attachment 15020

Jim Johnstone November 10, 2011 05:47 PM

Anyone interested in a trade/partial trade?

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