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nork February 21, 2008 10:37 AM

FOR TRADE - updated - please have another look
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Please, do NOT post any threadcrapping\negative comments. I dont do it to you! For threadcrapping, negative comments, or any other comments \info\etc please pm me but DON'T post. For offers please PM me.

I have 150 good heatware evals and some from rfd.

I am looking for:

sata hard drive
socket 775 cpu - from the lowest on up
20\24 pin power supply
ddr, ddr2, sdram from 512 mb on up.
a cheap lcd monitor for my test center, any size, but NO crt please.
pci-e video card

I need to trade because i dont have a lot of cash. Better deals can be worked out if you take a larger amount of goods.


win xp pro sp2
win 2k
win me


I have a Compaq presario 1500 notebook in good condition. Battery in good condition as well.
It has 512 mb ram and 30 gig hard drive. P4 2.0 cpu. Its quite easy to install a larger hard drive if needed.
It has a fresh install of win xp pro sp2. I can install whatever else you might want on it.
It has a 15 in display that can go to 1400 x 1050 i believe.
Asking $250 and open to trades.
For more info go here:
Compaq Presario 1500US Notebook PC&

I have 2 x compaq notebooks with a large docking station. One notebook is a P166 and the other is a 133. they are both running win98se and running just fine. Pm if interested, dont post in my thread. $200 for everything- no parting out.


PORTABLE USB2.0 DRIVES - I had 5 of these - 2 left

4 are "Iomagic - Gigabank", about 2 in wide and 3 in long, about 3\4 in thick - 8 gigs each. 3 new, 1 slightly used - 1 left

1 is "Tone" brand - about 2 in x 3 in but real thin, about 1/2 in - 4 gig. This is new.


Creative PC-900

2.1 mp. Came w 2 cds, case, usb cable and a tv or stereo cable, good software: Arcsoft photoimpressions and
videoimpressions, email, panorama maker

Vivitar -Vivicam 3785

I have 2 of these. more details later. Comes w usb cable, opens as removable drive, manual, blue case, strap, good
software package, 8mb built in and takes any sd card. 3 mp 4x dig zoom 1.4 display.

Mini Digital camera
Just a cheapie, but works. Its also a webcam. Comes w win xp software package plus arcsoft by macromedia


all new in box -.The printers are too expensive to ship but maybe someone in Windsor area might want one.

Lexmark Z715 - has vista drivers - I have a couple extra print cartridges for this as well.
Lexmark Z25 printer
Lexmark Z35 printer
Lexmark Z618 - blue color - no cartridges but has usb cable in it. Takes 16 or 17, 26 or 27 lexmark cartridges,
same as all lexmark Z series.


Lexmark X2350 - new in box - i think I have extra cartridges for this as well.
Lexmark X75 new as well


The keyboards may be too expensive to ship but the mice could be shipped anywhere.

Cordless mouse -"Fellows" brand. Ergonomic. Dark grey color - retail was $70 Can. Certainly
not asking that, just showing the quality.
Keytronic wireless keyboard and mouse - new in box
Logitech LX7- cordless optical - new in box. tilt wheel & zoom side scroll usb & ps2 5 yr warranty
Logitech cordless mini optical Model RBF111 For notebooks or standard use- small, with small usb
connector that fits on bottom for storage. Works on xp soon as plugged in, needs 1 aa battery
mostly light grey w dk grey sides. $40 or $50 retail, if i recall correctly. http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/42
Logitech cordless optical mouse, black new in box, usb or ps2.
Logitech cordless - grey\white, ps2 and usb retail was $20 new in box.
Logitech mouse Model #518 or 518 gaming grade - SOLD
Logitech cordless desktop EX110 mouse and keyboard - black. new in box


MATROX G400 DUAL VGA AGP 32 mb w svid\rca cable, incl drivers for win xp (likely vista) $40
This unit was used for about 2 months since new. I bought it for dual display then changed my setup after a home remodel.
Powercolor Radeon 9250 - 128 mb - AGP - dvi, vga- new in box w all parts $40
Powercolor Radeon 9000 - 64 mb - PCI - dvi, vga used in box w all parts $20
ATI radeon 9000 - 64 mb - AGP - vga - used $20

PNY 64 mb Geforce 4 AGP - works in all os $20
ATI rage 128 - 32 mb agp vga works in all os $15
Geforce 4 mx agp 32mb works in all win os $15
Geforce Pro agp 32 mb works in all win os $15
Radeon 7000 64 mb dual vga agp w svideo\rca cable works in win 98,xp and vista
ATI TV Wonder ve. 32mb pci This works as your video card and you can watch tv on your pc if you have cable. Works great. Works in win 98, 2k, xp, win xp drivers included. Likely works in vista as well. $20


1 pci firewire cards.

USB 4 PORT HUBS - I have a few of these, powered.

Centrios brand. win98 to xp, probably vista as well. usb1, it updates from the pc using software provided.

Royal Extreme pda - A palm pilot type
i installed this on win xp to test it. I had 2 of them, gave 1 as a gift and forgot about this one, so its new.
Uses serial port and has program similar to palm if i recall. This is a real cheapie, seems to me i only pd $20 or
less for it. Fun toy for someone.

All new and all top quality retail, some with copper core.


5 ultra 66
1 ata 33 - i have extra v 1.29 chipsets for these as well
1 maxtor ata 133 chipset v2.20
1 Promise ultra 100 w maxtor chip v2.01
I cant promise which ones will do a raid setup or what type of raid, so you would have to check that out on your
own. Im happy to give any more info on the cards.


2 gig Kingston data traveler 5 yr warranty
I know i have some 1 gig and some 512 mb.


This is an adaptor hub that has 5 different connectors on it, for cameras, mp3 players, etc, etc pdas, along with a
rollup cable. The rollup part broke when I opened it but cable works fine as it is.

Xircom 56k CM-56 - no dongle
The SDMCA is a 4-IN-1 PC Card Adapter; with one unique socket, you can convert SmartMedia, Secure Digital,
or Memory Stick into a standard Type II PC Card.
I have another of the same, new, just different brand name - Iconcepts Mobility -installs automatically in xp


Used once - comes with driver cd pc or mac here it is new: http://www.harddrivewarehouse.com/us..._6924_prd0.htm
used - VST Technologies FDUSB-M USB Floppy Drive with Color Kit - Recycled Goods

SONICLOCK - KENSINGTON Soniclock Motion Detecting Alarm - new
Amazon.com: Kensington Soniclock Motion Detecting Alarm: Electronics
Office Depot - Not In Catalog
You can use this on all or most pc or mac notebooks(security slot on notebook), luggage, other items. New.

This fits over your notebook and locks it down so it cant be opened. 2 keys and some fitting come with it, new.
not expensive, but may do the job for you.


I have 2 of these Anti-theft motion sensing devices. Battery powered, made by ICp,
Innovative Consumer Products. Comes with parts to connect to various items.

Flashlight never uses batteries - crank handle instead new. retail $25

Nexxtech brand - full professional headphones. new in box. Retail is $80. Enhanced bass. Extra connector for lge
and small connections, detachable cord, speakers 40mm imp 40 ohms freq 15 to 25000 hz sensitivity 114 dbl rating
input 20 mw max power 50 mw distortion 5%

You can google info on anything listed here. I can also email you a pic.

No, im NOT a dealer, just a packrat and almost all of my stuff is retail and brand new. I also do charity work, i
take in donations of pc's and parts, put units together that go to schoolkids who dont have one at home. Thats why
i take in some older stuff.

Please, if you like to post negative comments, please dont. Have something to say? Please pm or email me.
I didnt post prices as i really want to trade, please dont post asking for prices, pm or email me instead.
Interested in a trade or selling me something? Please pm or email me. I have more goodies. For instance, i have a
few older mobos. I will add to this list so please come back later.


TV tuner - PowerView pci - new

USB2.0 aluminum notebook hard drive enclosure - new

sata controller card - adaptec - new

pci audigy 2 audio card, true 24 bit, retail box - new - comes with full version of splinter cell (3 cds).


adaptec gamebridge tv tuner TV-AVC-1410
5 x 250 gig western dig passport drives 3 x 160 gig western dig passport drives
Logitech 518 gaming mouse Logitech lx7 mouse - 1 left
40 gig maxtor drive Cpu athlon xp 1800
Keytronic wireless keyboard and mouse - 2 left
Card reader S478 hs\fan - 3 left
Usb2 4 port hub 1 gig usb thumb drive
3 x firewire pci card - all sold

1 x win xp pro - 2 left

1 usb2 notebook enclosure - 1 left
XFX Geforce2 mx400 - 64 mb - PCI - vga- in box w parts
nib - $160 - SOLD for $160
Nexxtech brand - professional headphones. nib. Retail is $80. TRADED
Iomagic - Gigabank" - 1 Sold - 3 left
Dell Latitude C810 P3 1.13 notebook - sold $180 cash
Toshiba core 2 duo notebook

sswilson February 21, 2008 11:04 AM

Since you have a lot of smaller items FS/FT it would be very helpful if you put your location in your profile. Many of the items you've listed are fairly small value items which folks might not be interested in paying shipping for, but might be interested in a local sale.


nork February 21, 2008 11:29 AM

Course you're right.
I thought of that. I have been on the phone and checked mailbox, lol. Then i was coming back to find out how to plug in Windsor. I knew it was missing, just wasnt sure how to get it in there, will look in my profile.
ok, i found it.

nork February 21, 2008 11:45 AM

Now i need to figure out how to add my heatware in. I see that people just have "my heat" listed and it connects to their heatware. I havent figured out how to do this.
:rtfm: is probably the answer.

Also, the pics dont show everything i have listed, so i hope thats ok. I guess thats why i also wanted to get my heatware in here as well.

TDOGZZ March 23, 2008 09:41 AM

pm sent.

Itrader/heat in sig

tgraszat14 March 23, 2008 01:55 PM

you wouldn't happen to have a retail version of XP Pro laying around would you? :ph34r:

nork March 27, 2008 08:15 AM

All pms and questions answered. Sorry, i was sick a couple days.

thatguy April 21, 2008 07:21 PM


nork April 21, 2008 08:26 PM

pm answered

Master-Spud April 21, 2008 10:20 PM

:biggrin: Pm away

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