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b1lk1 February 12, 2011 05:03 PM

Storage! 1tb wd black/3tb seagate external/500gb 2.5" external/rocketraid 62x/62xm
OK, I have these storage devices up for sale, I don't need/use them anymore. They have all been wiped and in perfect order. Here's the list:


3. 500GB External 2.5" Seagate 5400.4. It's an OEM laptop drive in a USB enclosure. Enclosure is blue and I also have a black shell I will include. Enclosure supports E-SATA and I am including an E-SATA cable along with a USB power adapter for E-SATA use. I am also including a mini USB cable to operate the drive on a USB port. When using as a USB drive it is self powering. Drive is OEM meaning no support from Seagate. $50 + shipping.

4. Rocket Raid 62X/62XM. PCI-E 1X card, no PCI slot holder. Card is small, I used double sided tape on a blank PCI slot cover and it held it fine. Again, this is OEM. Auto installs under Vista and 7. $40 + shipping.

My prices are pretty firm and I accept EMT/cash upon pickup. Serious traders only. I've got 600+ positives on Ebay, I trade at Hardwarecanucks and I also have heat all under the same screen name as I use here. I am in Acton PO L7J 2K1 and I use CanadaPost Expedited to ship with a discount so my shipping prices are cheap too. I don't screw around and neither should you. I don't do returns for remorse buyers and all items can and will be tested in front of you at my house upon pickup. In rare cases I will take Paypal but I won't get stuck with their fees so we have to come to an arrangement first.

These parts are for sale on other forums as well so first come first serve, I do not hold parts. If you want a part held for more than 6 hours then you need to EMT me the money and I will hold it until you get here. My feedback everywhere I trade speaks for itself and I do not ship first.


1. WD 1TB Black WD1002FAEX 64MB cache SATA 3. In perfect working order. I am the 3rd owner, serial comes up as invalid when I do a warranty check so before I am asked I have no idea of warranty status. It is dated 25 JAN 2010. I'm only asking $50 + shipping so you can't beat my price.

2. Segate GO FLEX 3TB external. Warranty check comes back as OEM meaning Seagate will not support it. Works perfectly. I built a much larger home server and this is sitting in my desk drawer. $125 + shipping.

yanr February 13, 2011 09:19 AM

PM Sent :)

mckchun February 13, 2011 03:01 PM

you really have a good price on the wd black, but too bad im more inclined to get green drives coz i use it for storage

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