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ragenrok August 17, 2010 04:01 PM

FS/FT: 775 Motherboard and modular PSU
Im looking to do some upgrades to my computer, most of all going to a SLI set-up which means a motherboard upgrade is in store. So to help fund this im selling off my current motherboard and a spare PSU. I might sell my current PSU as well and grab a bigger one but Ill detail that after. All prices are without shipping, im willing to consider lower offers but no insulting offers please.

Abit IP 35 Pro - $100
This was a $200 board when i got it. Works great, its my current motherboard and gives me no issues. I only have the box, IO Shield, IDE cable and motherboard. I can throw in some sata cables to if you need as well. It handles my e8400 at 4.05 ghz so it overclocks well, of course YMMV



Corsair HX520w - $90
Next is my Corsair HX520w Modular PSU, it has been a backup PSU and only used a few times. The box is damaged from sitting in the closet when someone pulled stuff out, PSU itself works fine. Comes with box, power cable, 2x Sata power lines, 3x Molex power lines, 2x PCI-e 6 pin power lins (each cord has the 2 pin dongle for 8 pin connectors on video cards). The molex and sata lines have 3-4 plugs on each line.


I accept paypal, and we can discuss other payment methods but paypal is my preferred. I will do A straight trade for a 775 SLI board for the IP 35 Pro if anyone is interested. I prefer to ship Canada post but we can talk about shipping companies as well. Ive got a Corsair VX550w PSU as well that im currently using, if anyone is interested we can discuss prices. Please send a PM

headsh0t August 17, 2010 05:04 PM

NVM i'll keep it to PM

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