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ultraman7k August 4, 2010 03:36 PM

iPhone 3GS 16GB White BNIB (FIDO)
My original 3GS had proximity sensor problems so I took it in last wednesday to the Apple Store (Oakridge Vancouver) and they set me up with a brand new iPhone 3GS White 16GB (apparently Fido locked) today.

I take extremely good care of my expensive stuff so the original box for the 3GS I have is in pristine condition.

Here's what's in the box:
- Brand new iPhone 3GS (Fido locked on 3.1.3 but not confirmed)
- iPhone 3GS Dock
- iPhone USB Cable
- Original booklet with sim card tool

The charger I got with my 3GS never even worked so I'll save you that, I probably threw it out anyway. The hands-free set I'm using.

The iPhone is still in the plastic wrap you find it in when you get a brand new one and I haven't touched this thing.

I'm assuming it's still on 3.1.3 and according to the Genius it's locked to Fido (which was what I was on before). I haven't even activated this yet, all I've done was put it in the 3GS box to be ready for shipment.

Getting rid of it because I have an iPhone 4 now.

$460 CDN + shipping in North America (Or best offer, don't be afraid to PM me :thumb:)
Paypal only
I will also send you a ZAGG'S Full Body shield for free when I get it. I ordered it a week and half ago but have yet to receive it.

Any other questions, PM me.


ultraman7k August 5, 2010 08:44 PM

buyer withdrew, price lowered

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