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anabioz February 26, 2010 12:29 PM

Logitech MX500!
I am looking for Logitech MX500 only, not 510 not 518 - MX500 only :thumb::thumb::thumb:

pm is the key.

zsamz_ February 26, 2010 12:57 PM

just sold new in box for 10$

anabioz February 26, 2010 02:22 PM

How could you? Do you have more?

zsamz_ February 26, 2010 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by anabioz (Post 339951)
How could you? Do you have more?

was just sittin here for months nobody wanted it :rofl:
kids got 518s n g5 so they not takin a 500:whistle:

pimpachu May 22, 2010 01:24 AM

I have one
I have a nice MX 500.

I found this listing through google, the day that you posted it. I'm sorry for not getting to you sooner. I have an mx500, but it's my only mouse.. and at the time, I didn't see how I'd afford the mouse that I wanted asa replacement. I did a little digging, in my garage, and found on old ball mouse which I could live with for a few weeks 'til I could afford the mouse I really wanted (mx revolution = super comfy). I still don't have the revolution.

I loved my mx 500 since the day I bought it. I was 14 years old and I bought it within 2 months of its retail release. It has worked reliably for me, the past 12 years, however, as I've grown older, my hand got too big for the mouse. I've been suffering through the discomfort for too long. If you'd be willing to help finance my next mouse in exchange for this old mx 500, I'd greatly appreciate it.

It has a little wear; mostly faded paint on the buttons and smoothing of the plastic, where my thumb has been grabbing it.

Thanks. If you are interested. I've got paypal/ e-bay accounts that show that I'm a reliable person. pimpachu@yahoo.com

heero November 21, 2011 03:05 PM

I am also looking for an MX500 - somebody sell me one pleaseee!!

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