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Jonwall May 6, 2009 03:17 PM

HAF 932 or similar case
Looking to buy a haf932 in good condition. Willing to pay up to $150 shipped for it.

Id consider similar cases if you have one for sale, not an antec 900/1200 though.

Things i want are good cable management, alot of space in the case, ability to mount the psu upside down (if its a bottom mounted psu case), prefer tool-less isntallations and hdds that are positioned so the cables are all hooked up on the other side of the case like on the haf. Final thing thats not overly important would be noise, id like a case thats fairly quiet since the haf is only 19dba or something.

Send me a pm with your cases and prices, if i dont have anything worth getting within the next 2 weeks or so ill likely buy a new haf

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