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shockthebox April 24, 2009 08:32 AM

FS (For Sale) 80 socket 478 cpus ./. PRICE DROP
Well as it says i have 80 socket 478 cpus from working computers. they range from 1.5 all the way to 3ghz . some have hyperthreading. I can get more info on the actual amounts and specs soon but for now i am just gonna post to see if there is any interest.. will update with speeds and amount or processors with those speeds.. but its for 80 socket 478 cpus no heatsinks.

I cleaned up the thermal paste on the cpus .. now makes a nicer shot :D lol

IF anyone is looking for singles pm me

$20 for 3.0 ghz and above ( there are not many above that in my collection like 1 @ 3.06 or somthing)

$20 for 3.0 ghz
$20 for 2.8 ghz
$10 for 2.6 ghz
$10 for 2.4 ghz
$5 for 2.0-2.3 ghz
$5 for 1.5-1.8 ghz

thanks for looking

RONEDOGG April 24, 2009 08:40 AM

damn 5$ a cpu.
if your willing to part out a few.(i dont need 80)
let me know i could find a home for probably 4 or 5 of them if im lucky :P

MarcusFoX April 24, 2009 08:44 AM

:shok: holy Jack mack 80 P4's think 40 of those would equal 1 i7

Frank Booth April 24, 2009 10:15 AM

Wow, do they come with a free bottle of iso?

Silvgearx April 25, 2009 05:50 AM

i would like to buy a p4 cpu too :ph34r:

3 of 7 April 25, 2009 06:59 AM

What happened to the motherboards?

shockthebox April 25, 2009 08:50 AM

They are all from computers that were scrapped out by the company I work for, I was alowed to take what i wanted :P i love that part of my job.. I have lots of boards and ram but of the 150 ish computers that we did only like 10 boards still worked.. But right now i am using the boards I have and selling the cpus. they are all tested and working.

ImmaPC April 25, 2009 10:14 AM

Wow, so first it was $5 per and now it's 3x that per CPU when parted out...Come on, you could at least lower it a bit!

I thought all those CPU's "Fell out the back of a truck," I guess not! =D

shockthebox April 25, 2009 10:43 AM

they easier to sell in a large group then they are as singles. if you wanted only 10 i would up the price also but not as high because of quantity

shockthebox April 27, 2009 12:29 PM

bumps :P

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