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Realityshift April 12, 2009 01:43 PM

My LGA775 DDR3 setup for your AM2+/AM3 setup
Im thinking about dropping my current setup for an AM3 x3 720BE or 940BE build with a single video card vs SLI.

Im wanting to trade my...

790i FTW Digital PWM motherboard
E7400 CPU
4x1 gb DDR3 1866 xtunes
evga 9800GTX+ SC+
evga 9800GTX vanilla

For your AM2+ Motherboard with atleast 4gb of DDR2 6400 CL4 ram, an x3 720 BE or maybe even an x3 710, and a good single video card GTX 260 216/GTX 280/GTX 275 or 4870/4890. I may possibly require money ontop of said trade as the motherboard and ram listed is worth more then the DDR2/790GXs and the 2 video cards are worth more then a single GTX260/4870. Id consider a straight across trade for a good x4 940.

Will also consider trades for a C2Q setup on a P5Q or P5Q pro or even a 750i ftw and a Q6600 or better.

I will have pictures posted within 24 hours but for now I have these



Everything besides the 9800GTX+ SC+ is about a month old, I have torn down the motherboard and video cards and reapplied them with IC7 Diamond TIM and its helped quite a bit with the temps, especially the motherboard. I have the original boxes for everything listed as well as the original stock cooler for the E7400 with the original tim still applied to the base..

I really like this build but id like to move onto something else already and a tri core with a single card to start would be nice, I should also mention that i would perfer ATI cards as eventually they will be crossfired but im open to anything.

I am not parting out this setup, its either a straight trade or sale for the entire bundle or no sale as I dont want to be out an entire rig while I wait to sell off the rest of the parts and rebuild.

Table21 April 12, 2009 04:34 PM

how much for the whole setup?

Realityshift April 12, 2009 05:17 PM

For the CPU, motherboard, Ram, and 2 video cards id say $750 plus shipping but Id be open to offers, thats roughly what it would cost me to build a new AM2+ build with a 4890.

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