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matsta31 January 3, 2009 02:27 PM

Wtb/ wtt - tj07 !

I recently saw a TJ07 face to face, it was love at first site :biggrin:

Before plunging and getting one retail, I want to take a chance and ask if someone has one to trade or sell.

I currently use a Mountain Mods Horizon White I'd be willing to trade in OR SELL FOR 200 $. I also got some watercooling gear available.

I'd prefer a silver TJ07 but will go for Black if the price is right. Window or no window is not really an issue for me. Could be a coolit boreas to !

top view of the Mountain Mods


Side pannel


Internal PA120.3 !

jetOne January 3, 2009 02:43 PM

If you can't find one, try Murder Box they sell them separately.

Lamb January 3, 2009 02:48 PM

Might we see pictures of that mountain mod case? :)

miggs78 January 3, 2009 02:49 PM

Yea but they cost more towards $900 just for a case.. A new one in the market costs under $400..

matsta31 January 3, 2009 03:04 PM

The case is under construction.... I was re-doing my loop for what must be the 5th time :) when I saw that TJ07, let me add some in piece pics of the case.

pictures added.

for 900 $ I would buy the coolit boreas instead

Lamb January 3, 2009 03:22 PM

Oh man...I always drool when I see a mountain mod case, the only problem is that I don't want a white case =(

Good luck finding one!

3.0charlie January 4, 2009 09:26 AM

If you ever find a TJ07, I just may pick up that MM...

matsta31 January 4, 2009 11:15 AM

That would be another good solution, then buy the Tj07 retail.... that would work too ! come to think of it, I would have a PA120.3 to sell with it too...

3.0charlie January 4, 2009 03:35 PM

If you ever decide, let me know!

matsta31 January 5, 2009 07:16 AM

All we are saaaaayyyyyyyinnngggg is give bump a chance !

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