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zzaa604 October 21, 2008 12:08 AM

fs: Game from Steam account
Removed reference to game as per post #2.......

*If this against the rules of HC's Buy/Sell & Trade agreement, please forgive me

As per the conditions of the B&S agreement I can also provide a picture of my account if need be.


sswilson October 24, 2008 01:05 PM

Not the best reference, but it's from the Steam Wiki... Steam (content delivery) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia so I'm inclined to say we shouldn't allow this type of transaction to be advertised.


Resale limitations
Games bought through Steam cannot legally be resold due to the unsuitability of current proof of purchase laws. The only valid proof in an entirely digital transaction is the credit card used during the process, but as ownership of credit cards cannot be transferred, neither can that of Steam-bought games.
When a buyer purchases a boxed game they must authenticate it with the registration of a CD Key.[52] In the event that the CD Key that they have registered is already in Steam's database the user is required to submit an image of the physical purchased CD Key for verification purposes, as well as a purchase receipt. Valve does not accept receipts from eBay or known game resellers.[53]
No harm in trying though... I had to do a fair bit of digging to find this particular reference.


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