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Old July 16, 2008, 11:42 AM
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Hi Jack Rabbit,
I've just re-read your post, sorry for the inappropriate advice.
The Soundcraft Compact series are great, but not for your application.

Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
What would happen if I ran the line level output from a computer into this rig? Would it amplify or distort the sound?
You'll be fine in most cases, as most mixers have a "gain" pot on each channel to compensate for mismatched levels.
That being said, you want to use as little "gain" as possible, as that adds noise and colors your sound to varying degrees.
(depending on the quality of the mixer)

Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
Is the impedance right for the application or will it mess up my amp or, worse yet, my computer?
Good question. Consumer electronics (Stereo gear, and I assume your sound card) operate at −10 dBV.
While "pro" gear runs at +4 dBu. Just make sure your mixer's line-in and line-out operate at −10 dBV.
Having incorrect matching would not damage anything other than the sound quality,
as can always turn down a signal that's too hot so the input on the other end does not strain, or vise-vers.

You might find this old thread and wiki page interesting.
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Old July 19, 2008, 01:51 PM
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My System Specs


Thanks for the links. It is good information. I will stay away from the MM-242. I am not a "pro" but I think I have pretty good hearing and hum or hiss would drive me to distraction. I will see if I can check out the stores sometime this week.

@Cptn Vortex, How about those pics? A home brew a solution to this would be great. I really enjoy building things.
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