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Reaper2794 April 4, 2013 11:29 AM

Good subwoofer for $100-200, and other questions?
Hey guys, I currently have a pair of M-Audio BX5 D2's.

I think they Dayton SUB-1200 is the best for me due to the nice clean look, I hate ugly looking speakers.

also, where would be a good place to get some nice speaker stands? (i dont know if thats what they are called)

I got 3 monitors and I have no room on my desk, so they're on the ground where I can't hear them accurately (tweeters gotta be at ear level)

I game, listen to music with lots of deep bass, as well as produce my own music with lots of deep bass.

Would you guys recommend any audio hardware to get the most sound quality out of my PC?

b1lk1 April 5, 2013 06:02 AM

120W is not enough if you want really deep and loud bass. Look for something home audio and mid range, at least 200W.

Amazon.com: M-Audio SBX10 240-Watt Professional Active Subwoofer: Musical Instruments

That is my choice for a really good mid range sub. Check Ebay for deals, I got a nice deal on a 100W sub new in the box for $60 to my door a few months back.

Reaper2794 April 5, 2013 06:11 AM

I'd love to but $400+ is a bit outta my price range :s

NewKID April 15, 2013 03:11 PM

polk is a good alternative too

WhippWhapp April 15, 2013 07:55 PM


concinnity April 28, 2013 08:15 PM

Polk is god. That is all. What's your setup look like (preamp, receiver, etc.)?

OC-Guru April 29, 2013 03:18 AM

I got a Samsung HTC-5500 set and the sub on that is.. amazing :) 1000watts, cheap, cheerful and really gets the job done, room shaking bass, when watching films with explosions..its amazing :)

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