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bigFOIG January 26, 2013 04:00 PM

Want to upgrade Xonar DX
I've been using a Xonar DX with some old Logitech 5.1 X540 Speakers, and they actually sound pretty good. However, I've been itching to upgrade to a better set-up. I'm planning to do a little bit of music production in the future as a hobby, which is why I'm opting for some powered monitors. Right now I'm stuck between the KRK Rokit 5/6s, and the Mackie MR5 MKIIs. I've listened to both of these in a local store and thought these were the best sounding compared to others. Also thought about the highly regarded Klipsch Promedia 2.1s, and the Edifier S330Ds. Haven't listened to these two sets, but the excellent reviews tempt me. Oh the decisions... Do you think I should go with a pair of monitors, or something like the Klipsch or Edifiers?

Also planning to upgrade my audio interface. I'm thinking external DAC this time around to go with the powered monitors, but I know little to nothing about these things. I'm thinking my budget for this will be about $150 and that's almost pushing it, as I'm pretty broke right now. I'm thinking a lot of you will suggest that I should keep the Xonar DX, but I want to see what kind of options I have for $150 first. Suggestions?

Sidenote- I'll only be using speakers in my set-up. Very rarely will I use headphones, so that's not important.

*awaits the audiophiles to reply* I know you're out there!

Dzzope January 26, 2013 05:00 PM

As far as I know edifier do some pretty decent monitors too and they don't break the bank.

I wouldn't use anything with a sub for music production.

zoob January 26, 2013 05:21 PM

If you can stretch your budget, look at the ODAC.

I bought my ObjectiveDAC from AudioPoutine (https://www.facebook.com/AudioPoutine) for $165 USD when it was first released. Met up with him locally, but I think he charges $15 for shipping. Amazing bang for buck. I don't think I'll need another sound card (for music), ever.

Sounds super clean (have it paired with an O2 amp for my headphones), and doesn't need drivers. Just plug and go (maybe tweak the output to 24/96 in Control Panel first). Even works with an iPad if you want to do a bit of adapter hacking.

You can read more about it here:
NwAvGuy: ODAC Released
The Hopelessly Derailed ODAC/Objective DAC Anticipation/Discussion Thread

Another option which is quite a bit cheaper is the FiiO E10. Haven't heard one myself, but it gets a lot of great reviews.
E10, new USB DAC ? updated with photos of real E10 )

bigFOIG January 26, 2013 11:19 PM

What am I typically looking for in a DAC? On a spec sheet for example. How do I know its good? The ODAC looks interesting. I may shell out the money for it if it's a big difference in quality. Was looking around for budget DACs and noticed that the Fiio D3 is also a good one... Hmmmmm

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