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Alpine November 23, 2012 09:54 AM

Cowon X7
Hey guys,

I would like to have your thoughts on this Media player. I have found few Cowon X7 160GB and im thinking to buy one before christmas.

How is the sound ??

Alpine December 8, 2012 11:26 AM

Anyone ?

NyteOwl December 8, 2012 11:31 AM

Just my opinion, albeit shared by many, that Cowon have the best audio quality of any portable player on the market. I missed out on getting on of the last J3 32GB's unfortuantely.

Nodscene December 8, 2012 09:37 PM

I have to agree with NyteOwl, about the best sound you are going to find on a player. Although my player is about 5 years old and I haven't kept up with the company....based on my experience I would highly recommend it.

GT7R December 9, 2012 02:29 PM

I have a 32GB J3, it's truly in a league of it's own when it comes to the audio reproduction quality. And the battery lasts for like ever.

Alpine December 9, 2012 10:30 PM

I'd buy one. I should receive it soon , I hope ;-)

Alpine December 17, 2012 10:15 AM

i have received my Cowon X7. Currently on charge....

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