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Default High End Audio PC

I have read about a number of cards (ranging from X-Meridian to Lynx2 B), and I was wondering if I could get some insights here. I'm building 3 different systems, so it is not likely the same card will serve all purposes.

The first system would use the card for a stereo system. Now there are two options. The speakers are active (i.e. each driver is individually powered), so I could use a card that has at least 6 analog outputs and use the PC as the x-over, and use the new vista software for x-over (not sure it is able to do it) and room compensation (it is able to do it). Option two is a digital output and send the signial to a digital x-over that will adress the x-over and some room compensation. Prelude? Lynx2 B?

The second system is a 5.1 surround HTPC system. The outputs have to be analog, and be able to use the Vista software to manage the output vol, delay, room, and subwoofer. Prelude? Lynx2 B?

The third system would use a card that is able to send out 8 digital signals already process for DD or the like, and allow for a master clock. I know the RME card allows for this.

Sound quality for options 1 and 3 must be top end (for option 3 it basically means it outputs the digital signal cleanly and allows for the virtual elimination of jitter artifacts). Option 2 I would like to be at least better than very good (to the level of HT processors that cost around $2K)

PS as you can see from the cards mentioned the prices range between $300-$1K

Any insights would be appreciated.


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