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vulcan500rider March 6, 2011 02:39 PM

Old audio equipment value & other thoughts
Hi All!

My wife and I are looking at buying our first house, which is prompting a cleanout of my storage/workroom. Among the many precious artifacts therein are an old mixer board, an old guitar amp, and a PA-style speaker/monitor. I've used them over the years for music at numerous occasions, and (at one time) as impromptu TV speakers. Everything has a nice clear tone, but I really don't have much use for it all anymore.

The problem is that, should I sell it, I have no idea what to sell it for. I know there are some 70's audiophiles out there who might find some of this of value (the mixer/amp is 1973, I think), but I really don't have a clue. Any thoughts on value or ideas of what one should do with these kinds of things?

For reference, the mixer is a Yamaha EM-70 (not to be confused with the later M-70), the guitar AMP is a Sears 26121 model, and the PA monitor is in a "Crate" enclosure, rated for 100w, and has a horn and a woofer (~12") in it. Here are some pics, as well.





The Yamaha Mixer/Amplifier:




The guitar amp:


As always, any thoughts are appreciated :thumb:

botat29 March 7, 2011 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by vulcan500rider (Post 492717)
.....l, and the PA monitor is in a "Crate" enclosure, rated for 100w, and has a horn and a woofer (~12") in it. Here are some pics, as well.....
As always, any thoughts are appreciated :thumb:

It's very obvious, this enclosure don't have the original speaker, it's a very bad replacement job, the way this enclosure is open all around the speaker it's like if it was not mount in an enclosure at all. Honestly this thing has no value anymore.

ZZLEE March 7, 2011 08:11 PM

KijijiRegina if you want to sell

Does your local High schoole have a music program. Kidds in Music or a local kidds into music would love that.

:punk: Rock on

Edit : This guy may be able to give you getter idea of price

Wanted: Wanted Dead Tube Amps - Regina Musical Instruments For Sale - Kijiji Regina Canada.

encorp March 7, 2011 08:27 PM

You might get 50 or 100 bucks for the lot.. but that is about it. That equipment is a dime a dozen in major urban areas.

vulcan500rider March 8, 2011 06:06 AM

Meh. 50 or 100 is probably what I paid for it years ago, I think, so I can't complain.

Thanks for the input, fellas. This stuff is totally out of my normal realm...

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