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My System Specs


So I ordered these from DirectCanada just this past Sunday at $43 (for some reason it kept going out of stock, and the reappearing within hours.). Not a bad deal, actually worked out cheaper to add a surge protector so I got the free shipping, and as of writing this, I have owned the speakers...for 42 minutes.

So here is my amateur review.

Initial impressions: Packaging comes in typical Razer boxing, nice finish to the boxes. As you can see, it's pretty small. My initial reaction was, these are much smaller than I expected. Comes with all the fixings, carrying case, cable (braided which is nice), stickers, quick start menu, you get the idea. Typical Razer fare.

Unpacked em, and look at how small they are! About half the size of a pop can, and just slightly wider. The quick start guide says to charge them for 3 hours. Since it charges via USB, just plugged it into my tower, and the lights alternately blink to show it is charging. Apparently when it is low on juice the lights will go red.

Nice to see that Razer maintains the same hue of blue as their other products.

I think the cool thing about them is you press on top to turn them on. You can see in the next pic that they just grow slightly in size. Volume is controlled via your device's volume settings. In my case, my iphone.

The Test (no pics or vids here on in, like I said, this is amateur lol.)

I listen to a wide variety of music. Pop, trance, techno, rock, classical, hip pop some country etc etc.

Listening to several different tracks have allowed me come to the conclusion that:

A.) the sound quality is so much better than listening to the built-in speakers on my iphone4. I suppose a good way of describing it is that it sounds more "full".

B.) at maximum volume (limiter on iphone disabled) it kind of hurts my ears to sit within arms reach. going from about 85% volume to 95% is a huge leap in loudness.

C.) the Razer Ferox does well with vocals with decent bass and a surprising range for how small they are...that being said, don't expect crystal clear sound, but expect good solid sound.

D.) The speakers maintain normal volume even when unplugged from a power source.

E.) These speakers sound good no matter where I am in the room, and still sounds good when I move over to the next room.

Obviously this is not meant to be a replacement for a decent desktop set up. It just can't compete. I listened to the same song using the Ferox, and my desktop set up, and no doubt about it the Ferox's sound like pea shooters in comparison. In fact the transition from my Z2300's to my Ferox makes it sound like I switched on the radio...but a loud radio that actually sounds decent.

Bottom line: These will be great when I want to listen to some tunes while I shower or hit the road, or go outside to , or anything else not involving my computer. If you had a laptop and wanted to crank some tunes while hanging with your friends or something, these would be an excellent choice.

Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase, and have no regrets. I didn't quite know what I was getting considering I could find very few reviews online. I like these speakers at ~$40, less so at $60. I have a feeling if I had shelled out full retail for them, I would hold a small grudge. That being said, they do provide quality sound considering their size. Looking over towards them as I write this, I still feel as if they should be bigger considering the sound they output.

update: For what it's worth, my older brother is deaf, but with the use of hearing aids, can hear for the most part. We tried the Ferox out while watching a movie over my other brother's MacBook Pro connected to the TV while sitting about 6 feet away. Normally, the sound on the MacBook wouldn't be enough to carry over to him, but with the Ferox he said the sound felt like it was directly in his ear, and could more or less watch the movie with no problems. He compared it to some Bose speakers he had at home, and much preferred these because to him, the Ferox's felt as if they were directly in his ear as opposed to just coming at him in a straight line. I think he's considering picking up a pair for when he wants to watch movies at home off his MacBook.

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