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JerryZ November 13, 2010 07:31 PM

Klipsch 2.1s or Edifiers s730?
I currently have the logitech x-540s and while they sound ok for gaming, they suck for music. I am using

a Forte as my sound card. I was also looking at Edifiers s550 but I don't need surround since I have small

room 10x10 feet with limited space. Are the s730 overkill for a small room ? The Klipsch seem like a good

choice but the Edifiers look orgasmic.

enaberif November 13, 2010 07:46 PM

These are a good cost effective set too:
NCIX.com - Buy Edifier S330D 2.1 Speaker Set 72W RMS High Gloss Black Piano Finish Digital & Analog Input - S330D In Canada.

JerryZ November 13, 2010 09:36 PM

Thanks for reply. I will look at S330D and Klipsch.

le2key November 13, 2010 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by enaberif (Post 449912)

i have those, they're great speakers. clear, crisp, sounds with great high and mid tones. but what they're seriously lacking is bass .. and i mean seriously lacking. if i were you, for music i'd go with klipsch. the bass is strong and warm, not over whelming, great sound as well, but a tad muddy.

JerryZ December 27, 2010 08:15 PM

I was about to buy the Klipsch promedias 2.1 when I saw this forum post on their site.

<meta name="description" content="Klipsch audio systems provide the true audio/video lover a wide variety of high performance loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems for music and home theater entertainment centers, including iPod speakers, multimedia s

It seems they made some changes to their hardware and no power switch on sub. It looks cheaper.

I am now leaning towards Edifier S330D to replace my shitty Logitech x-540s. Canada Computers has Klipsch for 139.99 with 7$ shipping and NCIX has them for 149.99 free ship.

The Edifiers are 104.99 ncix.

Toughs anyone ?

Inate8 December 28, 2010 10:34 AM

I personally have the Edifier S730's in my "smallish room" and I LOVE the sound.

It's very clear and high focused, where-as most computer systems lately tend to be muddy bass focused a lot, this is a nice difference. With that said you can really crank out the bass with the higher volumes and adjust it for lower volumes too. Lots of play with these speakers.

I recommend if you REALLY enjoy your music/gaming, go with th S730's. I upgraded from a Klipsch Promedia 5.1 set that lasted me about 7 years. They were/are awesome speakers, but I'm not sure how they are now, especially in the 2.1 format.

IF you have the cash now, you're investment in the Edifier's will last you a LONG time of very pleasant and room-shaking sounds for years!

They might be a little more but they are worth it imo.

AbC-50 December 28, 2010 02:39 PM

I bought a set of klipsch 2.1 from ncix a few weeks ago. They are indeed the new configuration with no power switch and non replaceable speaker wires.

But they do sound great...for a non audio person such as myself.

JerryZ December 28, 2010 03:17 PM

Thanks for replies guys. I know the Edifier speakers are just drool lol. They were on sale 269.99$ 1 month

ago at ncix. I hate myself for waiting and not buying them. I think ncix had like 1 in stock anyways lol.

The Edies speakers always seem to be on back order. Inate8 do you know any other places apart from

NCIX that sell the s730? Thanks dude

JerryZ January 11, 2011 09:42 PM

Just got the edifier S330d
So I just got the S330D and noticed something weird. I was running my logitechs x-540s in 2.1 for a few
days just to test how gaming sounded on 2.1.

I just got the edies and they do sound very awesome but for gaming I found the x-540 in 2.1 sounded

better. How can this be ? I hear more detail in gunshots/explosions on x-540 running in 2.1. Am I doing

anything wrong? It seems the S330D have to be turned on really loud (too loud lol) to get any detail in gaming.

CMSS mode does help a bit but the Logitech seem to rattle more in gaming. I also noticed better sound on

my X-540 when DTS is enabled on my Forte. The volume on edies seems to go down a little when DTS is

enabled. The Edies do kick major ass when it comes to gaming. I'm just worried I won't get the most out

of gaming long term.

Stock January 11, 2011 10:51 PM

Everyone perceives audio quality differently. Naturally, some speakers sound tinny while others sound "warm", so most people can detect the extremes. In your case, you seem to be jacking up volume to compensate for detail, despite that you already have the Forte installed. Maybe the X-540's (a 5.1 system) naturally sound better to you since you're used to its sound signature.

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