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GregH July 16, 2010 06:41 AM

Xtremegamer mic issues - LOW mic volume
Hoping someone can help me out here as my google-fu so far hasn't found anything that's helped.

Relevant parts of my setup:
Antec 300
Xtremegamer sound card (latest drivers installed)
Cheap logitech headset (that works fine on other computers)
GA-MA770-UD3P MB (onboard sound disabled though)
Win 7 64-bit

How I have it set up:
Speakers plugged into green speaker jack in the sound card
Front case jacks (the HD ones) plugged into sound card with headset plugged into there.

The problem:
I need to literally yell into the headset for anyone to be able to hear me.
I've checked all the volumes settings and everything is at max, and I've enabled the +20Db boost in the mic settings.

I've tried plugging the headset into the ports on the back of the card, but that multi-jack that the mic plugs into doesn't generate any sound at all.
Before anyone mentions it, yes - I went into the creative dashboard thing and made sure that it was set to microphone since it defaults to something else.

I've tried a Sennheiser headset that also works fine on other computers and got the same result so it's definitely not my headset that's the problem.

At this point I'm tempted to just take out the card and go with the onboard to see if that makes a difference.

I did get the volume to increase when I was playing around with some settings (don't remember which as I tried so many things), but after I'd finished speaking the mic would stay activated and would pic up lots of static...not sure if that's relevant.

Any ideas what else it could be or what else I could try?


Hmm...more google-fu leads me to believe that disconnecting the front audio ports from the card might get the flexi-jack in the back working. Will give that a go when I get home tonight.

GregH July 28, 2010 09:36 AM

Just a quick update to this in case anyone else ends up having the same issue:
I unplugged the front audio connector from the card and plugged my headset straight into the card.
Sound works great, and mic volume is normal.
Too bad I have to crawl under the desk and switch plugs every time I want to go with speakers rather than headset, but at least it's working

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