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Rocco_360 August 12, 2009 04:14 PM

Logitech Z-5500's with Auzentech Forte 7.1
Hey guys, I just bought myself the Logitech Z-5500's and I love them except two problems. Number one, in the instructions it says that you can adjust the screw feet of the speakers to adjust them or even take the bottom off, and all of the screws on mine are covered by a thick melted piece of plastic so I cant insert the screw driver......... Number two I wanted to try the optical option on my computer so I used the optical cord that came with my Auzentech Forte. I used the small attachement to insert the cable into the card(The digital out port..idk why they didnt just put a regular optical port) and the bare cord into the optical port of the speakers. I go into the control panel and switch the default sound device to SPDIF out and enable DTS and Dolby Digital. the problem is that the creative control panel says that I cant turn on Dolby Digital Live because the format is not supported? And for some reason the effects are only stereo, stereo x2, Pro Logic 2 Movie and Pro Logic 2 Music. When I play music it takes like half a second for the speakers to realize theres sound then it kicks in finally. The regular green, orange and black cords work perfect though. The optical also works perfect on my Playstation 3. Any help would be appretiated.

Rocco_360 August 13, 2009 08:41 PM


enaberif August 13, 2009 09:29 PM

Don't bother with optical from your pc to the 5500s. The soundcard will have a better dac than the 5500s and analog will be better.

Then hook your ps3 up with optical.

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